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Kylie Minogue - Disco (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I think it encapsulates that 70's/disco era (and its visuals) perfectly. I mean look at the album cover design, what did you think you'd be getting??
  2. I don't see how that's actually much different in terms of quality. Obviously they're different styles but both use overlays, filters and green screen in much the same way.

    Before this turns into a full on debate on who's lockdown video was best executed, there are far too many variables in circumstances to make any comparison fair (such as: time of filming, location of filming, style of song, artist's health, how many creatives the artist has in their 'bubble').

    And having just rewatched the latest Mel C video (shot in July) I'd really question the 'social distancing' which took place here:

  3. It looks socially distanced to me. Lots of camera trickery to make it not look too obvious.
  4. It’s a shame they went overboard with the pacing and cutting of the video because the stills from it are completely stunning

    They really needed to give each set up some room to breathe so the viewer can absorb what they’re seeing.
  5. No ma'am. That Bree video is executed great and the art direction is pristine for something done at-home. If anything, given both use the 'same style', it should prove the point exactly.

    110% agreed. I just find it annoying when not liking something turns into 'She can never please you!' 'You do it then!' or 'So much negativity!!1' as if god forbid I dislike something one of my favourite artists did. Then we hit the actual dissecting of the quality, process or means through which the video was done and we go in circles for excuses or, as it appears, point fingers at Mel C (dddddd).

    Kylie is a complete ray of sunshine and a well needed escape for anyone who enjoys pop music. The single is wonderful. I will defend her with my life and will never be able to pay back the wellness she gave me through her music. But we can dislike an aspect of her output and that's totally fine. Or, she & her team could have objectively messed up something about her output and that's ALSO totally fine. It doesn't make you less of a fan.
  6. I can see some points where that is the case (and in one bit some some clear perspex used) but there are a few shots where they seem quite close.

    In an interview she said everyone made sure they kept 1m apart, but I thought the rule was 1m+, where you should still aim for 2m unless unavoidable? And I'm not sure shooting a music video would be considered essential.

    But either way, the point still stands that each video has its own set of variables.
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  7. You're conflating a few different views there. I haven't said "she can never please you" or accused people of being negative about it. I actually said I have sympathy for people that don't get it.

    Any discussion I entered about other music videos was in response to "lockdown is no excuse because X did it", which is simply not a fair argument.
  8. The very fact that this video (that I’m not a fan of) has not affected my love for the song - it’s simply reminded me of it - is fabulous.
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  9. The video is cute. She looks great of course, and the effects work, but there is definitely too much going on. Between all those lights and the speed of the camera changes you don't have the time to properly enjoy what's going on.
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  10. Yes, all of that!
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  11. Like this little scene alone should've been the video climax and about 8 people's avatars now but I don't even remember seeing it?
  12. You know what? I still don't love the video but it really does improve in 4K. I was skeptical, but you all were right. It even feels less chaotic at the higher resolution.
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  13. The response on social media has been overwhelmingly positive. So good. Each play I love it more. Especially the 4k. And almost at 100k views.
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  14. Cute video, perhaps a bit one-note, which pretty much aligns with how I feel about the song. I'll take it over anything from the last era!
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  15. Now I’ve gotten over the initial shock of it not being as I expected it to be.. and played it about ten times, I’m beginning to fall in love with it... she looks STUNNING! Loving the lasers from her hands parts! And that purple tinsel body suit is a SERVE!!!
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  16. I hate videos where I actually appreciate the majority of the setups but I'm not allowed to see many of them for more than two seconds. I don't think this is bad per se but it's very frustrating when you see something beautiful and you're just ... not allowed to look at it. I enjoy the setups we do get to see more of but the laser hands in particular are totally wasted when they could probably have been the highlight of the video.

    Kylie on a golden horse in space is at least as fabulous as it looked in the thumbnail.
  17. Hurrah! Good to see too.
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  18. After "Put Yourself in My Place" and "Breathe", the video for "Say Something" completes the Kylie-floating-in-space trilogy.
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  19. Video #1 on Itunes Australia/UK/USA and song flying back up the chart. Galactic Queen.
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  20. That was my first thought too - but I thought the same when I heard 2 Hearts!
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