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Kylie Minogue - Disco (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Sam


    The mirrored kaleidoscope in space vibes are giving me Kylie on a Government Owned Alien Territory in space in the best way.

    Like, I’m gagged

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  2. That screengrab is such a great example of how much the resolution affects the quality of this video. Maybe Kylie should retitle the song "4K Only"
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  3. Sam


    Is it though? Like,


    Kylie looks pretty HD to me
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  4. No, no, we're in agreement. That screenshot is gorgeous. It's an example of how much better the video looks at higher resolutions.
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  5. Sam


    Ohhhh. Sorry beb !
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  6. My fault for my lack of clarity.

    you know, like the Say Something video at 480p
  7. I’ve referred this thread to my therapist. Fucking hell.
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  8. Can you refer me, too? I started this morning massively disappointed in the video and ready to wish Sophie Muller a happy retirement, by the afternoon, after a couple of 4K views, I'd begun to appreciate that the video improved at higher resolutions and now, this evening, after my 8th or 9th viewing I flippin love the video and I welcome Sophie Muller's next collaboration with Kylie. I don't know if I went through all 12 steps, but if one of the steps is eating crow, I'll do it.

    But, breast cancer survivor Kylie Minogue, age 52, really should put out a PSA alerting everyone to adjust their resolution settings.

  9. The video is cute and very gay. It reminds me of 'The One'. I liked it.
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  10. Just another day in the Kylie thread.
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  11. The video is much better a second time, and I didn’t even think I would need/want to watch it again. She looks absolutely incredible, and the overwhelming amount of star shine and glitter suddenly becomes charming instead of cloying. Also, it took me watching it on a big screen to realize that many of the sped-up shots of the dancer are actually Kylie in a jumpsuit! It’s so much better knowing she’s in it more than just lying around looking gorgeous.
  12. How long before “4K” becomes this era’s “thunderclap”?
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  13. Well, it’s over.
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  14. Shocking! A homosexual man over 40 loving a Kylie song/video!
  15. You should look back at the last 20 pages of discussion.
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  16. I really like it! It looks great in 4K and considering she recorded it in her home studio and filmed it with a small crew during a pandemic, I'd say job well done!
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  17. Who has the time!!
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  18. Tracks of the week reviewed: Kylie Minogue, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5
    This week we’ve got a disco banger, some sad-lad swooning, and a slice of cut-price Harry Styles
    Kate Solomon Fri 7 Aug 2020 20.00 AEST
    Kylie Minogue Say Something

    What a thorough joy it is to have Kylie back from the country music hinterlands. Say Something is a quasi-disco bop with a slightly saccharine post-quarantine sentiment that in anyone else’s hands would be a huge eye-roll, but Kylie – the best and purest of us all – carries it perfectly. It makes me want to drink one too many rum and Cokes and hug everyone I know. Even the dickheads!
  19. Absolutely magical and brilliant.

    Makes me wish clubs were open and my drug dealer wasn't out of state!!
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