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Kylie Minogue - Disco (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. My mum passed away last week and whenever I hear the lines:

    “cos love is love, it never ends
    Can we all be as one again”

    I just think of her but in total happiness nothing somber. It’s really lovely.
  2. I think the reason why people pick up on your negative comments is because of how they are worded. They have sometimes read like unnecessarily backhanded compliments since you entered the thread, like the roast chicken in til foil or chart freefalling ones, which can come across as more spiteful than constructive or balanced (hence the pointed responses you seem to be getting).

    However, let me just add that the points you've made about the actual era so far have been valid whether they were well-received or not, and I don't agree with the pile-on from other people; they are your opinions after all. This is indeed a discussion forum and I'm sorry you feel unwelcome as a result.
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  3. This is a lot of hostility for an artist whose lead single missed the Top 80 in her biggest market.

    Some of y'all should probably do less "Post Reply" and more "Play" on your favorite DSP.
  4. I'm definitely in the shallow end of the pool to saying that this song isn't really giving much excitement or pleasure for me? I'm ready for the next single at this point.
  5. Hello Kylie stans

    Is there a vinyl version of the Step Back In Time compilation that has the F9 megamix on it?

    thanks Kylie stans
  6. Classic pop have posted a new sparkly promo photo

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  7. W2K


    There is not.
  8. That's not really for you to decide though, is it?
  9. Great shot this.
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  10. I mean no 82 isn’t a great chart position, but the last time a woman over 50 reached the U.K. top 100 singles chart with a new release was probably when Medellín did it last year. The album will sell fine.
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  11. Yes, as nice as it would be to see, the days of Kylie having top 40 singles are alas gone. All about the album these days.
  12. Top 40 is a rather low bar to clear, if they put some effort in she could get there - they obviously just don't care though. It's all about the album.
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  13. I do wonder where "Say Something" would've debuted if they'd released it on the Friday instead of the Thursday.

    That being said, the singles chart probably isn't Kylie's main priority anymore, like y'all have said.
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  14. It might be a low bar for major streaming acts, but for someone like Kylie, whose core fanbase are not 16-34-year-olds who stream the Spotify Top 40 playlist relentlessly, it's not quite as easy. None of her contemporaries are having Top 40 singles anymore. Personally, I think it's quite nice to see her focus on the album (and hopefully/eventually the live aspect of the era).
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  15. I am not particularly worried about how it is performing, because the label does not seem to be either?
    They chose to pace the promotion knowing full well it would lead to a lower peak, and at the same time, it seems like Kylie received quite a lot of exposure this week which I suppose is more important in the long run. Don't think a top 50 or a top 100 makes that much of a difference in terms of public perception to be honest...
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  16. The charts (and chart-influencing radio) are a young woman’s game cigs. Just be thankful she’s active and releasing music almost every year.
  17. Not you - @Thorever - changing your username and avatar only to do the exact same thing as before. I though you wanted a fresh start, but I guess I was wrong.

    Absolutely. A 5 decade spanning career is a feat that surpasses charts.
  18. Bless you and your Mum, I'm sure she is with you as you are having those feelings. That's really sweet.
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  19. I'm just glad Kylie's not dead tbh.
  20. Ok? That’s a tad insensitive
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