Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

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It’s Popjustice. It’s the forum. It’s TIME for me, KYLIE, to ask THE question ...
(AKA ... DiscoTrackTitle™️ ) Cannot wait for you to hear this one. BIG LOVE!!! K x


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I think we will get one in 2020 after they didn't use any of the post-Golden sessions on Step Back In Time (& since she's seemed set on the sound for a year now), but in the quote all she says it's prepping for the next album so they've been a bit misleading saying she's confirming one for 2020.

Excited to see what she brings. She's probably in the best place she's been in prior to the release of an album since the end of the Fever era? So you'd think she can have another Golden-level success (if not bigger).

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Well, the title says that but the quote doesn’t necessarily. But here’s hoping she cooks something up. I kinda want her to stay away from a Q4 release and it seems like she’ll be starting with the early stages of the album.
The title is sort of misleading but maybe there’s more to her quote, or at least what question she was responding to, to confirm it either way. It does seem she’s been quietly working on stuff for at least the past year, so perhaps she’s further along than we think.

Regardless, I’m more than ready for new stuff from her and it seems the UK is too, considering the year she’s had.
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Yeah, it still feels really early in terms of getting songs together and recording? If it is 2020 then it's going to be later in the year at this rate (I'm sure we would know more by now if they were planning something in spring or summer) and then they may just decide to delay it until early 2021.
BMG have really given it their all though, huh? I assumed after Golden promo that would be it until a few years later when the next album campaign began. 2019 was arguably a more successful year for Kylie than 2018 and for her to have been all over TV during the summer (and now Christmas) is amazing.

I do think people may want a little break from Kylie though, so they can actually miss her a bit and be excited for what comes next. Q4 or 2021 might be best in that respect.

I'm not saying I don't want her/BMG to ride this wave and really go hard but at the same time I don't want people to get Kylie fatigue. I also don't want them rushing anything for the sake of getting music out. The next album needs to be just as good as Golden (if not better). If it's another Kiss Me Once affair...
I want Slow/Fashion as the blueprint for the sound. Need You Tonight/2 Hearts/Lose Control demo etc. Give me electric guitars, synths, sexy vocals. I also want long straight white hair.

...I'll see myself out.
Need You Tonight should definitely be on the moodboard. This album can be the night that follows Golden's sunset. Dance-y rock will feel like Kylie, be in the "adult" territory and see her through these dark times that "pop" isn't trendy.
She said this to The Guardian the other day:
This year, with Glastonbury, with this TV show, it’s marking this point in time, but what’s great is what’s happening next. I’m really jazzed about [the music] to come. I think it’s going to be getting back on the dancefloor, like grown-up disco; that’s where I want it to be. Shimmery.

So it seems she’s still set on a disco album.
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