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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. That would be good/make sense then.
  2. Looks like there’ll be new arrangements for the performance.
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  3. Is Global Citizen Live an event with a live audience?
  4. Generally, yes. But not this year.
  5. Excellent! Steve 9/10 does great arrangements.
  6. Just an Kylie performance alone and seeing her back on stage again is going to be great!!
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  7. That's hope it's great!

    It will be!!
  8. Am sure it will be!
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  9. “…so far “

    Just announce the rerelease please Kylie.

  10. Indeed, no more teasing pretty please Kylie!!
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  11. What a damn tease and lemme just say Magic has really revealed itself to me lately. I think it was the perfect choice of second single leading right into the album release.
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  12. Yes, Magic really is great. Loved it then, and still do now.
  13. Well at least that's pretty much confirmed that more is on the way.

    Could a November/December release be plausible?
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  14. And hearing the singles together in the Instagram clip, this is probably Kylie's strongest run of singles Fever.
  15. Stop freaking teasing it and release it already
  16. Me to my date last night.
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  17. Knowing Kylie, she means all the people who have listened so far, rather than "all the music from this era that's been released so far"
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  18. It's coming guys, it's coming.
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  19. Imagine if we get 10 new songs!

    A boy can dream.
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