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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Source please?
  2. If the release isn’t called Disco II: Electric Boogaloo I’ll be disappointed!
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  3. @Speakerphone has always been pretty reliable so I believe stuff is happening.
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  4. It'll be called Kylie's Double D's.
  5. Surely it'll be called Infinite Disco.

    Club Disco could be a good option too.
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  6. How about
    Disco: Diamond White (Hangover edition)
  7. Poor Dannii.
  8. Yes please!
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  9. She’ll get eaten alive by Abba on Nov 05th. I mean I know this probably isn’t going to be a no 1 smash, but at least be the talking point for the gays on the day it’s released.
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  10. True, but it will still be perfect timing for the 1st anniversary. Can't see what other date to go with in a packed Q4.
  11. Also, as an ABBA fan she will be stoked to be releasing an album on the same day. Plus, as the gays walk into HMV to pick up ABBA they spot the Kylie album = extra sales. Win win.
  12. Regardless, I hope she does an Ultimate Disco edition, Infinite Disco edition, signed edition, rainbow edition, hardback, softback, whatever back. My poor bank account.
  13. Good/valid point too.
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  14. I don't suppose it matters if matters if they are released on the same day. As far as I remember, her repacks don't set the charts alight anyway?
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  15. Not usually no. This will depend on the promo and also what is actually on it I guess. We still don't know anything about it. Hopefully now that is about too change.
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  16. I feel like this is a reference to something, but I literally have no idea, tbh.
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  17. At this point I'm hoping not so much for a repack, but a new album (9 songs), a couple of remixes (including Initial Talk mix of RG) and a collaboration or two to finish.
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  18. Diamond White was/is an Old Skool cider drink. It was cheap, nasty yet perfect at the same time.

    And she had a song called White Diamond!

    So double reference.
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  19. Di2co would be cool.
    Can't wait to see how it all unfolds.
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  20. I hope this is the single title too. If so, I’ll buy every edition that comes out, even the cassingles.
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