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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. This is an interesting point. To be fair though, most of her previous repacks just lazily compiled the b-sides and a couple of remixes that fans probably already owned because they bought the singles, whereas it seems like they've actually put in effort for this repack.

    On a slightly unrelated note, I'll forever be salty that the planned Aphrodite repack was scrapped due to Aphrodite underperforming.
  2. It sounds like we’re getting an actual video with this repack which we’ve never had before so that’s a good start.
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  3. Alistair Norbury, president, repertoire & marketing UK, BMG, said: “The last 18 months has been challenging and extremely difficult for retail and we would like to thank you for all your support for our releases during this time including records by Van Morrison, Black Sabbath, Roisin Murphy, Kylie and KSI. Coming up for Q4 we have a great line-up of new records including Nick Cave, Motorhead, Duran Duran, JLS, Natalie Imbruglia and a new release from Kylie. We thank you for your continuing support and wish you the very best for the rest of the year.”

    I wonder if it's going to be a bit more than a re-release since Norbury refers to it as a "new release".

    Also, I didn't know Nick Cave was with BMG.
  4. I think it exactly means that it is only going to be a re-release, since the other acts mentioned will come out with new records, while Kylie is mentioned separately with a new release.
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  5. This sounds more and more like something like a part 2 to Disco instead of tacking on 4-5 new tracks to the original album but that’s just my read on it. We need someone to confirm or the lady herself to announce something already!
  6. The more tracks the better but I’d keep expectations low.
  7. The real loser in this is Ms Ross. She wouldn’t outsell an ABBA reunion, but will also lose sales to Kylie if the repack is released on the same day. Will the market support new releases from three acts so beloved to pop fans in one week?
  8. Okay, but how about Kylie and Natalie do something together, seeing as they're bezzie label mates?

    This thought is fermenting
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  9. So glad this has finally been officially announced.
  10. A Kyalie duet is LONG overdue.
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  11. Re issue, release, either way, am even more excited-bring it on now please BMG/Kylie!!
  12. Bring it Kylie! Bring it!
    I have a thirst for ya!

    (Now that the Steps debacle is nearly over)
  13. An announcement by Kylie next week sometime perhaps??
  14. In what parallel universe are there still music stores to walk into??
  15. I was meaning in reference to previous budget re-releases that Kylie has done. It sounds like there will be new material. She hasn't done a video clip for any previous re-releases before, but she's apparently filming now.
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  16. Yes!
    She's possibly recorded vocals for a whole new album (in Aust) - so let's hope we get 5+++ new songs.
  17. Yes, hope so too!
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  18. New ABBA and new Kylie before Christmas, maybe 2021 hasn't been so terrible after all.
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  19. Most welcome I agree!
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