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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. After all the speculation I would absolutely HOWL if this turned out to be another Christmas album (it won’t). What A Grade level trolling.
  2. I mean Kylie Christmas has outsold Golden and Disco with minimal effort confined to 2 months in the year so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Kylie Christmas 2 at some point.
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  3. Personally, I think Kylie Christmas was one of the biggest missteps of her career.
  4. I have mixed feelings about Kylie Christmas.

    Before Golden, I did feel like a lot of big pop acts of the past were struggling to stay relevant and a lot were becoming legacy/heritage acts at the same time. It seemed a viable option for Kylie to become associated with Christmas each year. There is a lot of affection for her in the UK and it seemed natural to crack out some Kylie at Christmas (and Christmas only). It had been successful for acts like Cliff Richard and Buble but there’s no going back from that. So I’m glad she’s still making music.

    Magic is the best thing she’s done since Get Outta My Way for me.
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  5. I play Kylie Christmas every year now when I'm putting the tree up.

    However there won't be any more Christmas music. DISCO can be festive anyway.
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  6. W2K


    Kylie Christmas was an absolute joy, as were the shows she did to promote it. Nothing will come close to the mania that her and Dannii caused when they performed together at the Royal Albert Hall. Incredible.
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  7. I would still have loved to get an Everybody's Free mix that popped off though.
  8. Really?
    Where - in the UK only?
  9. The only misstep I think she had with Kylie Christmas was that she didn’t promote the original tracks enough. They are easily the best part of the record, yet all promo opportunities were focused on her doing the classics. It’s absolutely criminal that Christmas Isn’t Christmas ‘Til You Get Here didn’t become a staple track everywhere.
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  10. I would be surprised. The album in its current form is a money spinner and there are already more than 20 songs on it. No need to record anything new or spend anymore money on it.
  11. Do you believe in Santa? Do you, do you, do you?
    Sleigh something and Real hooves confirmed.
    But seriously folks... Although rumoured song One second to midnight screams Christmas track to be honest.
  12. I would love a brand new album altogether (conneted within the same 'Disco' world).
  13. REAL HOOVES. This has made my day.
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  14. I couldn't agree more with this. It was a real wasted opportunity and one that really irritated me too. The original songs on that album, were some of her strongest ever. White December especially so.
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  15. Or New Year's, surely?
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  16. One Second To Midnight does make a good title. If true of course.
  17. The PWL miss of Everyday's Like Christmas kicks butt!

    But I didn't mind her releasing a Christmas Album, it actually suited her. And actually a pretty great Christmas Album (including the Snow Queen edition)
    The original songs on there were great and should have been promoted more.

    And we did get that double Minogue delighted. 100 degrees is awesome!
  18. Kylie Christmas is amazing and I think it came at exactly the right time in her career, if it had been an era or 2 earlier then it definitely would have been too soon. I listen to it religiously all through December. Really excited for Disco 2, Disco is my favourite Kylie album now and I’m still shook by the singles run of

    Say Something > Magic > Real Groove > Dance Floor Darling

    Utterly flawless.

    In retrospect, now the newness had died down Golden was not in my top tier of Kylie albums, it had some amazing highs of Dancing, Stop Me From Falling, Musics Too Sad, Lost Without You, Golden and Sincerlely Yours but quite a few forgettable songs for me too.
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  19. Disco really is top tier Kylie for me.
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  20. My main issue with Kylie Christmas is that it came at a time when deep house made a return and although there's no guarantee that Kylie would've recorded a deep house album if she didn't do a Christmas album, the idea of a Kylie doing a deep house album continues to live in my mind rent-free.
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