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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Kylie Christmas is fantastic and fun and the haters are scrooges
  2. Nah, it's her Cinderella moment. She'll turn into a pumpkin if she doesn't leave the disco.
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  3. One year on and I am literally obsessed with Dance Floor Darling, I can’t get enough of it!
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  4. I will admit I have wanted her version of 'White Christmas' for years and she also definitely recorded 'Silent Night'...

    But I truly can't see Kylie even wanting to do it. It'll be a DISCO repackage with new songs and the collabs added onto the end.
  5. I think Kylie Christmas gets a bad wrap for having come at a time when she / her team were lost about what kind of artist Kylie was going to be, the album itself is solid. In terms of sheer variety I'd say it's one of the best Christmas albums ever, it functions as a really strong playlist.

    I'd argue Disco positions her more as a legacy act than Kylie Christmas.
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  6. Disco and Golden both do that because Kylie Christmas accelerated her going down that lane.
  7. Kylie Christmas is better than Disco, and that is that.
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  8. Thinking about it, she hasn't actually done a proper re-issue since Fever (if you don't count Kylie Christmas). The Fever one wasn't particularly that exciting either so I'm intrigued to see how this one is done.
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  9. Kylie Christmas was the first in a series of three albums (so far) that are very hard for me to enjoy. I don't know if that says more about Kylie or about me, but as somebody who loves almost everything from Confide In Me up until Kiss Me Once, it's a feeling that sucks.
    I guess that's why I'd rather not see the alleged reissue happen, and instead would prefer it if Kylie moved on to an entirely new project. Something fresh and exciting, and preferably innovative for Kylie's standards and a bit more experimental than Disco.
  10. Kylie Christmas is fine and it has been on rotation with Mariah when the season rolls around since it’s been out but I don’t need more of it.
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  11. Kylie Christmas was fine at the point where she had no idea what to do with her career….but there is a reason that it has the lowest Metacritic score of all her albums (and Disco has the highest)
  12. I find it so hard to understand how someone who’s loved Kylie for years wouldn’t enjoy Disco.
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  13. I'm not quite sure either. I think it's mostly just that I've never been the biggest fan of the typical "camp" Kylie. I've always preferred the cool, more sophisticated Kylie – I guess that explains why I think Body Language and Impossible Princess are by far her best works. And her older albums (maybe with the exception of Light Years, which I know is another fan favourite, but still ends up in the bottom third of my personal ranking of her albums) always at least had a nice balance between cool and camp, if that makes sense, so even though I hardly ever loved every single song on an album, there was always enough for me to enjoy it overall.

    Golden admittedly just wasn't really my style musically, but I could at least appreciate its songwriting. But Disco, to me, is not innovative, experimental, sophisticated, or cool in any way. It just feels like it's been done before (and better). I gave it many chances, but it simply didn't click. Miss A Thing and Say Something are beautiful, though.

    It's just frustrating that all of this happened pretty much right after she dabbled in so many – to me – exciting new directions and sounds (Skirt, Sexercize, Sparks, Whistle, Waiting For The Sun, Voodoo, Mr. President, Right Here, Right Now, the Garibay stuff... you name it). I really hope she wins me back again with whatever she does after this era.
  14. And the best part of that reissue was its cover. Or finally owning "Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head," but that's assuming that you didn't already own it via purchasing the "Love At First Sight" single.
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  15. I'm with you on every word of this (including the fave albums - taste!) so you're not alone. The newer music just doesn't feel like it's worthy of a place in her discography for me. I was carried through the Golden era by the great campaign & her return to songwriting, but with Disco I'm just left cold outside of a few songs.

    Still holding out some hope we could get some of what we want on Part 2. If the Jessie collab is anything like What's Your Pleasure I'd be thrilled.
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  16. DISCO for Say Something, Dance Floor Darling, Miss a Thing & Real Groove gets a tick from me.
    I also love the Sister Sledge-ness of Unstoppable, and while I didn't want to love Magic, it makes me dance and smile, so cheers.
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  17. That's where I immediately went with it.
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  18. Love for Unstoppable! Get in!
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  19. The only song I don't care for Disco, is Spotlight. The rest, all great.
  20. I think I only listened to it once.
    I don't remember it.
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