Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

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The Global Citizen set is being recorded at the Sky Garden in London on Friday.

You can apply for free tickets here:

So she's definitely back in the UK then. Now get the re-issue promo going Kylie!

It would be lovely, given the rumours that the vinyl went to press months ago, if they are ready for immediate dispatch when the release date comes along.
I'm thinking a pre-order in a couple of weeks (released date 12th/19th Nov), along with the first play of the new single and video for it.
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Is it sounding like this will be more of an album re-package with a few extra songs than a part 2?
That’s what it’s always been. A few of us were just hoping it would be a STEPS situation but it was announced as a repack.

Depending on the amount and quality of new tracks, I’ll either get it physically or buy the new tracks (not remixes) digitally.
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Kylie herself confirmed it in April -

“This year, we will do a repack of ‘DISCO’ and that instantly gets my neurons firing,” confirms Kylie. “What else can we do? What will that lead to? There’s a lot to play with…”
I just meant that we know nothing about the release, besides that the fact that it's coming.

This kind of release is unprecedented from Kylie. She's never released a repack with new material before. We have no idea what the final project will look like because we have nothing to compare it to.
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