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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Gotta get the right take!!
  2. Can't Get You Out of My Head better be discofied.
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  3. Surprising that she did "Dance Floor Darling" when "Say Something" makes more sense in the context of a charity concert.
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  4. Just 2 songs? I thought it would have been a mini setlist.
  5. It was a new remix.
  6. Surprised it was 2 songs, but at least 1 was something very recent and from Disco!
  7. They get paid per song so... they prefer more names and less songs.
  8. She was absolutely delightful to watch. It was slightly weird from a production perspective to keep everyone around standing for almost 3 hours only for 2 performances (and stand-in rehearsals for each) but getting to see Kylie perform and watching her between takes was fascinating. And so close! They did Dance Floor Darling 3 times and it went off all 3 times. As if there was any doubt she needs to do Disco shows. I wish they could've done another song for the crowd while they had everything set up there.

    Thank you @Kylie=Life for posting!
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  9. I bet it was quite an one off experience.
  10. W2K


    Quite frankly seeing Kylie in any capacity is magical, whether it’s 20+ songs or 2.
  11. Was amongst the lucky ones who got tickets for last night - indeed, it was quite magical. There was a lot of queuing, and waiting, and more queuing, and standing around… the tedium of which immediately disappeared once she got on stage.

    Dance Floor Darling was ace live (all 3 times - 4 if you count the stand-in rehearsal), with some armography for the crowd to follow and an all-round great vibe.

    Kylie seemed genuinely happy to be there, was lovely with the crowd, and she and the band/backing singers all seemed to be enjoying themselves.
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  12. I assumed it would be that version she did at Kylie's Secret Night in 2019 but apparently it's a brand new disco version
  13. Was it a live band performance of Dance Floor Darling or just backing track?
  14. The band was busy on both songs - DFD sounded great!
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  15. From BlackoutZone:

    “Ahh KYLEGEND new single very soon and it bops, Disco era alive and breathing”
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  16. Great! Did you spot any familiar band members? I’m thinking perhaps they’ve got a band together for an eventual tour.
  17. Yeah. I am terrible at remembering faces but certainly recognised the (good-looking) man on keyboard, so the rest of the band may be regulars too.
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  18. Is that a reliable source?
  19. Yes, they heard Magic ahead of its release and previously shared outtakes from the Disco photoshoot.
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