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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Yeah. I am terrible at remembering faces but certainly recognised the (good-looking) man on keyboard, so the rest of the band may be regulars too.
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  2. Is that a reliable source?
  3. Yes, they heard Magic ahead of its release and previously shared outtakes from the Disco photoshoot.
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  4. Ooh, fab! I wonder if Radio 2 will have the exclusive play next week.
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  5. Oh my. Bring it on very soon indeed.
  6. Very reliable!
  7. That's good to know! Fingers crossed it really won't be much longer now then.
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  8. Finally, some news!
  9. MB


    Loved the disco version of can’t get you out of my head! Bring on the tour!
  10. Well that was amazing. Talk about star quality
  11. Alright can’t wait to see the full performances, love the back up singers in their silver jumpsuits!
  12. Do we think the reissue might not be out until January since it seems like a rather cramped timeline for her at least since the single is out in another week or so and they usually want a couple months of preorders in?
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  13. LOVELY to have her back!! Great performances and costume change too. Brilliant!
  14. Wow, she was incredible!! What energy. There’s nobody else like Kylie.
  15. There truly isn't.
  16. Single sometime in October, re-issue November/December maybe? I'm wondering if they'll announce 2022 tour dates around the same time.
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  17. Sounds like a plausible plan.
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  18. Good to see Dishan Abrahams playing with her again.
  19. Full performance:
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  20. Thanks for this!
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