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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I do think now at this stage, it really will be sooner rather than later.
  2. The woman is incredible. Wheeling out Head never felt so right.
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  3. Me when I think my boyfriend's getting bored of me
  4. Realistically, the re-release needs to come out early-to-mid October to make any kind of impact. Late October onwards, it'll all be about Ed Sheeran and Adele.
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  5. And ABBA
  6. Indeed.
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  7. Based on the way that their singles sunk like bricks on the singles chart, I can imagine them experiencing a high debut—maybe a No. 1, potentially a No. 2 behind Ed Sheeran's =—and then freefalling out of the charts.
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  8. Their album is not going to free fall because of the singles flopping, you can't expect them to have hits out of the gate after all this time. The album is not going to flop.
  9. I didn't say that it'll flop. I literally said that I foresee it debuting at No. 1 or 2. Perhaps it won't freefall, but I can't imagine ABBA being on the level of Adele or Ed Sheeran in 2021.
  10. Her vocals on 'Dance Floor Darling' were superb!

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  11. Yep, a very confident vocal and a great performance!
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  12. Abba’s pre-orders are over 80,000 in the U.K. alone. Now how front loaded that may be we won’t know until after release week but it’s going to sell A Lot!
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  13. I don't think @elektroxx is suggesting the ABBA album isn't going to sell well, but after the initial first week with all it's pre orders and hype, it might not hold up as well as Ed or Adele will. People will have clamoured for the pre order as soon as it hit, it's whether or not they can sustain good sales afterwards.
    Ed and Adele are sure to sell as well as, if not more, in the weeks following their debuts, a lot more than ABBA likely will.
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  14. I really don’t think a re-release is going to be making major waves on the charts anyway, so it doesn’t matter. It’ll inflate Disco’s sales and that’s the job done.
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  15. I was thinking the other day, I'd love if Kylie did what Alanis Morissette and Gaga did and had a bunch of new remixes for the re issue. Maybe not the whole album like Gaga did, but Alanis had an EP where she got women )some more known than others) to remix a handful of the tracks off her latest album and they were great. Not only giving a new feel to some album tracks but also highlighting some lesser known names.
    Some of the Disco album tracks are prime for a good remix.
    Of course I need some new songs too, so a combo of the two please.
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  16. I'm not sure anyone really has any idea what will happen regarding ABBA. It's not exactly familiar territory for an act to release a new album after 40 years. It also depends on what happens in terms of album promo and album reviews.
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  17. This is what I meant. Thank you for getting it.
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  18. I can imagine the Abba album having longevity until the end of the year for Mum Christmas present.

    I’d imagine a Kylie re-release in time for Christmas having a similar motivation as music still remains a great gift.
  19. People are underestimating ABBA. I suspect they'll have a few special documentaries scheduled for the album release, then there is the Christmas single (which will have a music video) then the teasers for the tour...

    Back to Kylie, I hope we get some news soon.
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  20. I absolutely loved both performances. She looked and sounded great and it was amazing to see her interact with an audience again; it's been a long time. Can't wait for the reissue as Disco is probably my second or third favourite album of hers, and I hope she'll be able to tour next year.
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