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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. For me, the logical next step after disco would be house/techno-infused pop with the epic House Gospel Choir on several tracks.

    But I wouldn’t be against Kylie incorporating guitars and other instruments over dance beats.
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  2. I think I said (about 300 pages back haha) that the only thing that let Disco down was the production, I wanted more HD 'disco' in the production. This is the kind of production 'feel' I was meaning, just sounds more solid and 'real' and less 'pop'.
  3. A lot of DISCO to me just feels like dance/pop - Magic and Unstoppable have a retro feel about them, I Love It has some disco elements.

    Where Does the DJ Go - for me I wish the piano intro was longer and more dramatic - then the contrast of the verse.
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  4. Considering her past association with Giorgio Moroder, it's a shame they didn't get him involved in Disco. That would have been pretty epic.
  5. Her past associations with Giorgio Moroder and Nile Rodgers.
  6. 100%

    That would have been epic.
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  7. Agreed wholeheartedly, Kylie’s Disco just feels like her regular dance-pop work with some elements of the disco era to fit a theme.

    Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure? was the first (and so far only) release by a pop artist doing “disco” that I felt successfully captured the era while also being modern.
  8. If he’s got something like the stuff he did in the 70s then yes. His latest songs are not good.
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  9. Unstoppable oozes Sister Sledge. And Magic sounds like Silver Convention. I think the extensive disco influences are very obvious on the album, it's definitely not just "dance/pop".
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  10. I can certainly hear the influences on Disco - however as many have said the songs potentially need more room to breathe and build hence an extended version of each track would be a treat (alongside new material of course).
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  11. I would LOVE the extended mixes that were common in disco, of about 10 minutes. In 2021 extended mixes are only about 4-5 minutes.

    This fan extended remix of Dance Floor Darling really takes the song to another level, but at 6:25 it's still too short.

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  12. Kylie has a duet with Years and Years on the repack album that could be the first single - some info about it from SayHey:

    Proper duet, similar tempo to magic, no where near as good as Years and Years latest single Crave, it’s more of the same as what’s on Disco, nowhere near as cool as RG or Miss a Thing, that’s IF it’s the single, it’s a really good album track, perfectly acceptable for the R2 crowd too.
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  13. That doesn't fill me with any kind of hope. I hoped that she'd at least try and put more effort to develop the sound of the album not copy it. Although I guess we haven't heard it and a re issue might not be the place to experiment.
  14. This doesn’t sound very promising!!
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  15. Thanks for the info, wonder if true.
  16. Another mid-tempo? I didn't agree with y'all at the time, mainly because I was campaigning for the release of "Miss A Thing," but she really does need a change of pace after releasing three mid-tempo tracks. We need a proper banger. If the description is correct, it's disappointing that Olly wasn't able to bring anything new to the table. Like I get that the track needs to make sense alongside the rest of Disco, but I was expecting more than "more of the same."
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  17. Starstruck?
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  18. Can't we at least wait to hear the songs before complaining about them?
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  19. Remember which fanbase you're addressing and have some disrespect!
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  20. Lots of 'coulds' and 'ifs' in this piece of news.
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