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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. A year on, Supernova is still my fave track on the album (well aside from Say Something- that's a whole other league)
  2. Anyone know how far off an official announcement we are now?
  3. That's definitely not how he meant it at the time! Very much the rock establishment resenting a pop act's resurgent success.

    I think Kylie duetting with Years and Years and Jessie Ware shows where she thinks her audience is these days. Certainly better than ending up being inaudible on an Ed Sheeran track.
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  4. I would be so happy if they released Infinite Disco, I don’t buy physical albums and haven’t done for years, apart from the odd Kylie vinyl but I’d definitely buy either a dvd or cd/dvd with Infinite on it.
  5. Agreed, by the time Kylie tours again, we're probably not going to get all those songs live that were in Infinite Disco, so I'd love a copy of it. Makes perfect sense to do it, more multi-formats.
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  6. Happy birthday anyway!!
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  7. He is right in some respects, but he was also being a dick about it. For someone whose band got continual shade from middle-aged male music journos, he's certainly expressing an attitude that comes right from the middle-aged male music journo guide to writing for NME or Mojo.

    And it's not as if "Head" was late-career massive outlier hit then back to middling fanbase singles, Kylie had undergone a resurgence in chart success and pop cultural impact for over a year at that point and properly restablished herself.
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  8. Apparently first week of Oct so next week!
    Some have already heard the Olly song and the Jessie J collab so it won't be long now Breathe.
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  9. I'd love to rewatch Infinite Disco again but I hope they're also considering a digital option for the video. I get the appeal of vinyl but not at all tempted by unattractive cassettes and bulky CD/DVD packages.

    The gays. But I don't think this is something new.
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  11. Jessie Ware is weeping.
  12. Omg sorry yes Ware of course. What a doughnut
  13. Hope there’s a digital version. I don’t buy physical DVDs etc any more.
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  14. Someone on SayHey seems to be hinting the single is called Sweet Spot.
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  15. The more rumours/info, just make me even more keen for new Kylie music now!!
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  16. If Kylie can actually deliver something even half as iconic as this then I might be back on board,

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  17. I find the intro of Supernova too loud.
    It was fab @ Infinite Disco though.
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  18. Think the hint is more about a collab with Kim Petras
  19. queen of watching this video

  20. Okay but Kylie x Rina or Kylie x Lizzo would be amazing.
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