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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. 6. Kylie and Jessie Ware – Kiss Of Life

    This absolute serve!
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  2. HMD


    I’m so ready for Kiss of Life!
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  3. Kylie popped off on the Years & Years remix and really elevated what had been a fairly lacklustre track so I cautiously perched for A Second To Midnight.

    And having fallen in love with Jessie lately, this cig has made peace with the fact that I’ll bald forever after hearing their duet.
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  4. Getting the Slow Infinite Disco version on streaming is exciting.
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  5. Where did that tracklist come from?
  6. I don’t know where it came from but it’s legit, confirmed by BlackoutZone on ATRL.
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  7. ...That's it?
  8. You know if there’s only three new songs sort of makes since she might have wanted to film a video for each especially since they are collabs.
  9. It's a deluxe - I'm happy with this.
  10. I honestly don’t know why people whipped themselves up into believing we were getting an albums worth of material anyways.

    It’s a fan service deluxe, nothing more. And the Gloria Gaynor and the Jessie Ware on one record? I’m on board.
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  11. I'd have liked a few more new mixes, but getting Jessie and Gloria on board is going to be gay as fuck and I am here for it.
    i've not seen Infinite Disco so can't wait for that, and I always love a Livelie moment.
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  12. I kind of love that the Guest List edition is going to get more MVs than the standard edition of the album got.

    Only three new songs though...
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  13. My thoughts exactly.

    Kinda makes sense as Gloria has been adding comments to Kylie's Instagram.
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  14. Mama getting a 5 disc edition out of four good songs... the mind of a mastermind!!!

    To be honest I'm perched for the Jessie collaboration, mostly because it should be produced and mixed well.
  15. when it as revealed as the ‘Guest List’ edition, my immediate hope was that she’d got Gloria on a track. I hope it lives up to all our gay fantasies!
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  16. I think the Jessie Ware and Olly songs might be better, but who knows!!
    I am here for all 3.
  17. I'm here for an annual Minogue era cycle.
    2018: Golden
    2019: Greatest Hits
    2020: Disco
    2021: Disco repackage
    2022: hopefully a new era of some sort

    Keep the content coming and I will keep dishing out money!
  18. Mess at this being called Guest List and having only three new collabs. Also the only interesting one for me is the Jessie collab.
  19. I’m so excited for the Jessie Ware song. I just know it’s gonna be the best.

    Well, remixers count as “Guests” I guess.
  20. I am definitely looking forward for the Jessie track most, but yes, here for all 3. Gloria is a nice nod to the past and hopefully Jessie to the future.
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