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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. This is sending me. Why not just make the CDs the same for both if they're going to have the same tracks in the end?
    Because it's the Kylie thread. Remember when Step Back in Time was going to be all-new re-recordings?
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  2. Not gonna say I’m not a little disappointed at that track list. A couple more solo tracks would have been nice.
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  3. A Kylie repack would always just tie loose tracks and remixes with 1-2 bonus tracks, so we're getting more than than, be happy. She always keeps songs for next projects. Steps had a brand new album for the repack but both albums include around 20-22 songs? Same as this at the end of the day.
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  4. Why have Disc 4: DVD and Disc 5: Blu-ray though? Surely that means that if you play Blu-rays you have a DVD disc you're never going to play and vice versa if you only play DVDs? Just seems a bit odd and essentially you're paying for a disc of something you don't need.
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  5. I'm a little disappointed about only three new songs (and 3/3 being collaborations) and a bunch of already released remixes, but then I remember the Aphrodire re-release and doesn't surprise me.
    I'm glad we're finally getting the Infinite Disco audio in the best quality possible, the live versions were amazing.
  6. I hope they’ve replaced the album version of Dance Floor Darling with the single edit - it makes it a little punchier.
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  7. Kiss Of Life already sounds like an iconic title for iconic collaboration!
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  8. Remixes have never been my bag, so with just three new tracks I'm a touch underwhelmed.
    That said, getting Gloria Gaynor, a disco legend, on a track is a nice touch. I'll be eager to hear that. Lets hope its a proper 70s disco stomper.
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  9. That's quite common these days. A Blu Ray release will often have a DVD version included. Some people only have DVD in their Bedroom or PC, so it covers more of the GP needs (a lot of them don't have a Blu Ray Player). It's just being inclusive. Makes more sense than a different release, one with Blu Ray & one with DVD.
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  10. I would laugh if Kiss Of Life is a Steps cover haha
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  11. I wasn't particularly impressed with any of the Say Something or Magic remixes at all, so shall be given them a wide birth with this re issue. However, I shall happily check out the new remix of Dancefloor Darling and it's nice to have that amazing remix of Real Groove on physical purchase too. And another 3 new Kylie songs to add to the collection, is never a bad thing too.
  12. Even if they don't do this, I hope it turns up on Digital pack of the next single (maybe with more DFD Remixes).
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  13. It is what it is. Looking forward to the new collaborations but a bit disappointed at myself for getting sucked into the whole “Disco 2” concept.
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  14. I hope that they haven't, tbh. I don't need another album version retconned out of existence, like "Come Into My World" and "Chocolate."
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  15. Does a "single version" of dance floor darling actually exist if it's never been released as a single?
  16. Couldn’t they have given us the studio versions of the Infinite Disco mixes.
  17. W2K


    I mean, they’re basically studio versions anyway?
  18. Looking forward to having the audio for this:
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  19. I mean more so for the mix of In Your Eyes and Slow, they’re just gorgeous.
  20. Re-watching Infinite Disco on Blu-ray will be a moment!
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