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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. That she did.
    And she's done a song (and toured Australia) with Giorgio Moroder who did a lot of Donna's classics.
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  2. Oh, I see. I wasn't thinking of the Unforgettable model. I could envision an updated Slow/Love to Love You Baby mashup that actually included some of Donna's original track and vocals.
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  3. You know, I’m looking forward to this. It’ll be nice to have the exclusive mixes on one release. I’m crossing my fingers that the Dance Floor Darling mix does it justice. It deserves a good extended mix. The Gloria collab is very unexpected, and I can’t wait to hear it and the other two. Then, Infinite Disco on three formats. I would have loved more new material, but I’d take quality over quantity any day.
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  4. That might be true for movies but not for music. Usually it's available on both formats and you just purchase the one you want. Sometimes only on DVD, like Golden for example.
  5. She’s on the Zoe Ball show on Radio 2 on Wednesday morning with the new single and announcing the album. She’s coming!
  6. Yay! Really not long now then!
  7. Finally!!! I know it sounds ridiculous but I feel like this has been the longest wait.
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  8. Five discs is a lot of fanfare for three new songs... if they are all amazing I will forgive her!
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  9. MB


    Did someone say/rumour that it's the Years and Years track first?
  10. It’s a collection of all the stuff the era gave us plus some treats and the much requested concert finally being purchasable. Sure two discs of demos, a Club Disco Dawn and a full season of a Kylie documentary series would have been great but it didn’t happen so why not take what’s there - including a much asked about Jessie duet?
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  11. When should we expect pre-order links at her official store - midnight on Tuesday or Wednesday morning?
  12. I think that even in 2021 some people still only have DVD players, especially in the UK. It's why we don't always get a UK Blu Ray release for some films. It's just covering all bases by including both. I doubt I will even play my CDs, it's more a souvenir. I always purchase a download of items like this, so there's no need for ripping. I will play the Blu Ray though.
  13. I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to CDs. I purchase multiple copies and if they're signed, I never open them. Either I put them on display or they stay tucked away in a drawer or something. Then I buy a standard copy for use in my car.

    Take my coins, Ms. Minogue.
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  14. Thrilled that there is a Blu Ray of Infinite Disco. It´s a fantastic show and will look (and sound) great on Blu Ray. As for also including a DVD I think it´s great for those who might still not own a Blu Ray player.

    I hope there will be a physical format or two for the new single. I would have loved a 7" for Dancefloor Darling, to complete the singles run from the original album.
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  15. I've always been fascinated by fans who purchase multiple copies of the same album in various formats, tbh. Especially after reading that some of the physical media that y'all purchase never gets played.

    I've given up on physical media, tbh. I can't remember the last time that I purchased a CD.
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  16. It's likely that it works out more cost-effective to just produce x amount of Discos with both discs inside, than making x amount of DVD option and x amount of Bluray option and having unshipped copies of either lying around the warehouse after Q4.

    The Bluray revolution never had the impact of the DVD revolution for a number of reasons; HD streaming and digital downloads being one of them. On the manufacturing side, Bluray has a mechanical fee you have to pay for every disc pressed that DVD doesn't, so even without considering scales of economy and the higher final sale price, it's becoming really common for DVD only movies (2019's Booksmart, for example) in the UK market.
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  17. Yes, it's annoying for a film buff like myself. I have to import a lot of stuff on Blu Ray, although I mainly collect older 60s/70s/80/90s films. I don't buy many new films as streaming is much cheaper, so I assume my habits have helped this trend too.
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  18. I will admit I did this with DISCO. But that was because the #1 was so historic for Kylie.
  19. I bought around 20 different editions of Disco from all over the world. I like to collect every official release from my favorite artists (plus I don´t stream or do digital). I guess it basically comes down to if you like to collect physical releases or not.
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  20. Same. I buy all for Blondie and Steps and then I get at least one copy of Kylie (plus anything that is maybe signed or unsual).
    Everyone else is just streamed normally.
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