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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Tomorrow’s date seems to circled on the calendar. Announcement tomorrow perhaps?
  2. Yeah. I just hope the price isn't inflated because it includes a Blu-ray, which are often more expensive. In terms of music DVDs/Blu-rays, most of my collection are on DVD so I always opt for DVDs and they are cheaper. Having both in one package is fine as long as they don't charge you more because of it.
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  3. I saw on Twitter there's something on Zoe Ball's radio show tomorrow.
  4. I think it’s Wednesday that Kylie’s on.
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  5. MB


    Announcement tomorrow, first play/release Wednesday.
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  6. Pre-order on Weds to, do we reckon?
  7. Biff posted the calendar to his insta story so I assume he’s involved with at least one of the new tracks. I actually think the pre-order might come tomorrow with the announcement and the single’s first play on Radio 2 coming Wednesday.
  8. I buy vinyls because they’re attractive. I don’t get the appeal of CDs or cassettes, it’s a lot of clunky plastic.
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  9. Blu-ray/DVD combos have been the standard over here and usually are about the same price as a standard Blu-ray (so essentially you’re getting a free DVD). It’s only if it’s a 4K Blu-ray/Blu-ray combo that is a bit more expensive.

    But also, I find this a more appealing package for me personally than having a vinyl shoved in. Talk about over inflating the price and they are just a waste of space at mines.
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  10. I buy physical copies of my favourite artists and vinyl of albums I really love but mainly stick to downloads these days. I don’t stream though. Rarely do I ever buy more than one copy though.
    I’ll get the most complete edition of this release and then stop though. I’m more concerned with expanding my Marlon Brando movie collection at the moment.
    Much as I love Kylie, Disco doesn’t deserve more than one copy in my collection and I doubt this re issue will either.
  11. Do you have a record player though? Or do you buy them to use as decor?
  12. They are all clunky plastic.
  13. Think the single might be called something like Second Look? Seems strange wording used on her tweet - like a clue?
  14. We know it's called 'One Second To Midnight' with Years & Years.
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  15. Can I just say I am disappointed Dannii isn’t on the Guest List? Between Dannii’s own fondness for the disco era and Disco being her nickname, I would’ve thought she would’ve been there with the whole rumors of collaborations, even if it’s on a remix of one of the album tracks. Oh well.
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  16. Did_Not_Chartii Minogue had her moment a few Christmases ago.
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  17. 100 Degrees Says Hey
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  18. Dannii finding her way to a recording studio instead of a talent show judging panel?

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  19. That sounds about right I think.
  20. New Years anthem incoming!
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