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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Didn’t know we were certain of that but makes sense with her clue
  2. I’ve never heard Dannii Minogue go off the nickname Disco. All of their past collaborations have also been on the nose, so I’m glad they avoided that.
  3. There’s got to be a tour announcement on the way as well, right?!
  4. Her store URL has changed from to - no new products yet, but I imagine this is in preparation for tomorrow.
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  5. I really hope so but in my head the reissue being so collab-focused makes it less likely that its announcement is going to tie with a tour announcement. I think we'll get a tour announcement further down the line not necessarily tied in with this reissue. I don't really know why I'm thinking this, hopefully I'm wrong.
  6. The tour is such a massive part of her income per campaign, there has to be a plan for something. And Disco screams live show.
  7. I'd imagine a tour announcement is to follow. With the first bit of the campaign focusing on the re-release. And I can imagine by the time the second single comes around that could be tied with tour dates. It's an easy way to keep her in the news and for the re-release to be in the news in the lead up to the lucrative Christmas period.
  8. He European dates are semi-floppy anyway so she should just announce a UK leg.
  9. It's so great knowing the re issue is finally kicking off now.
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  10. She could easily tour and focus on Disco and the 20th anniversary of Fever. The Can’t get Disco Out Of My Head Tour!
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  11. Nah, Kylie is a long way from having to tour old albums. A Disco tour is all she needs.
  12. She only sung 6 songs from Fever on the tour, which second to Kiss Me Once, makes it very underrepresented tourwise.
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  13. Bit of both. It looks good and I love the sound and the crackly bits on vinyl.
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  14. Nobody needs more than 6 songs off Fever.
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  15. That's half the album and sounds about right for someone with a back catalogue like Kylie's. That said, I'd like a Fever medley in the Disco tour which includes Love Affair.
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  16. 'Come Into My World' needs another outing on this tour. It hasn't been performed fully (the request in Brazil was only a snippet) since the second round of Kylie Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall, and even that was the ballad version.
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  17. I agree, long, long overdue a live comeback. My favourite Fever single too!
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  18. Haha it’s not, but it’s a great song! Very disco, camp, lots of whispering vocals.
    The Years & Years song is less disco.
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  19. Any idea who the producer is? Also what about the third track, have you heard it?
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  20. I’m sure Biff did One Second To Midnight, not sure who produced Kiss Of Life. I don’t know anything on the other track.
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