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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Agreed.
    Some of the Golden tour dates in Europe only held 1,700 people. I think Paris, Amsterdam, Belgium she can still pull 5,000-ish.
  2. I don’t understand the demand for another Dannii duet, to me their voices are so similar it kind of defeats the purpose of a duet. Excited for the new songs and to see Infinite a disco as I haven’t seen it yet. Can’t wait for some new videos finally, I really hope these songs are as good as the other Disco songs.
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  3. Yeah I feel the same. I love Dannii but just because they are sisters, doesn't mean we need a Minogue sister duet.
    I hope the Olly & Jessie songs are modern takes on disco, and the Gloria song is a throwback, in the vibe of 'Anyone Wanna Party?'
  4. To be honest I see very little European appeal in Golden. I admittedly turned off for a large chunk of that era myself and I love Kylie.

    Disco feels a lot more different and international.
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  5. Yeah, no. Never said it was because they’re sisters.
  6. From Sisters Are Doing It, Winner Takes It All and 1000 Degrees there really is no need for another duet given how underwhelming each one has been.

    This one is particularly terrible -

  7. I can understand that.
    Did DISCO chart better across Europe too?
  8. To be fair that one is intentionally over-the-top camp and cheap sounding - like something Pete Waterman knocked up in 5 minutes at the arse end of 1998 - for the scripted TV series it was recorded for.
  9. If Kylie & Dannii could meet in the middle - Kylie's brings her pop sensibility and Dannii brings her 'Queen of the Clubs' sensibility, a duet could rock?
  10. Their cover of the Winner Takes It All is better than all of Disco and those are cold facts. It only sounds cheap if you link a poor quality video of it.
  11. So it's intentionally meant to sound bad?
  12. If anything, this would suggest that perhaps the best way to get a good duet between the sisters would for it to be released by Dannii as the lead. Every example listed was a Kylie release, besides "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves," which was for Young Talent Time, so it hardly counts.
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  13. I forgot this Kylie-penned song for Dannii.

    I think they're both great. Just not together.
  14. I've said this before but I need her to go back to arenas in Europe and stay that way till she retires like Cher. Her legacy deserves that. I think DISCO could have brought her back there if it wasn't for the pandemic but maybe people missing her shows will do the trick. And I hope she brings it every tour. I don't understand how Steps only tours UK when Kylie tours Europe and Australia and their last tour stage looked so much bigger than Golden.

    Also about the tour I think it's time we hear Come into My World, Disco Down, Please Stay, Red Blooded Woman and for sure, Miss a Thing!
  15. The Fever preorder came at 9am BST right? Hopefully the Disco preorder (if we are getting it today) will come at the same time - in 45 minutes.
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  17. I will need Burning Up and Love affair too please.
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  19. I doubt she can tour big arenas in Europe until (…) she has a big hit again.

    She came to a very small arena here with Golden and I loved the atmosphere.
  20. Because outside of the UK, Steps didn't experience that much success and the success that they did experience outside of the UK was two decades ago.
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