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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Usually she does a limited signed print with the first few pre-orders and then some signed copies in release week. Now there’s no chart battle (and so no real need to push sales with signed copies), we might not get them.
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  2. Extended mixes?

    Oh yes please
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  3. No and I would think the lack of vinyl deliveries may bite so there may be no later vinyl versions. I’d bet on a cassette version or signed print etc.
  4. I guess the vinyl with the extended versions of the songs will count as a separate album charts-wise? (Essentially a remix album).
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  5. For Disco they added signed CDs 2 weeks before release (then added more batches in the run up), the marble vinyl in the week before release, signed prints at Chalky’s/HMV on the Monday after release, signed prints on her store on the Tuesday, and signed vinyl on the Wednesday (and cassettes at some point that week too).

    I don’t think they’ll be making a triple cassette (though I could be wrong), but I can see signed A4 prints potentially being added in release week if they really care about the chart position.
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  6. I really want extended mixes but they only seem to be on vinyl! Hope they end up on streaming or digital?
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  7. The Infinite Disco audio isn’t included on the digital/streaming version. Maybe it’ll be on a separate release?
  8. Well I’d didn’t go overboard, just ordered the Guest List Edition vinyl and Extended Mix vinyl bundle. Actually my first vinyl purchase in months after I decided I needed to save money dd.
  9. Kylie’s wrist needs a break.

    No signed stuff is fine by me, we have enough!
  10. I am thrilled for the extended mixes vinyl, I really did not expect we would get something like that. I would have loved a CD release as well but I am glad we finally get a CD single. More and more artists are releasing them again.
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  11. MB


    Was really hoping for a tour announcement. Guess there’s still time…
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  12. For me, the separate shipping option would have been ca 30 EUR more! 55 EUR in shipping was already more then enough for me but 85 EUR was just ridiculous. I still hope I can find the Deluxe LP set and the CD single somewhere else so I can cancel the order from the official shop.
  13. Got the bundle with the 5 disc CD/DVD, CD single and the Guest List Triple Vinyl plus Disco Extended vinyl. Very happy, but man that site is stressful to buy from!!!
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  14. The video is premiering on Lorraine tomorrow morning.
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  15. Vinyl slipcase ordered, those extended mixes are a must, finally a longer version of Dance Floor Darling is coming.
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  16. Extended mixes! I can't believe it, I figured we'd have to wait for the fans to make them. So excited!
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  17. I think we'll get the extended mixes digitally at some point, even if just as a store exclusive download, but I wouldn't expect them until the 10th December to coincide with the vinyl, and they probably won't be on pre-order as they'll want sales to focus on the Guest List edition until that point (additionally it may count as a remix album as it doesn't contain any of the songs in their original form).
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  18. [​IMG]

    Truly is gorgeous.
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  19. Let's hope for the Extended Mixes to be available on streaming one day.
  20. Missed opportunity for extra streams/sales if not.
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