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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. "I'm chasing after midnight, show me the way to your heart"
  2. So that's the difference! I was so confused so I just ordered the more expensive one.
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  3. KMO Tour was "streamlined", Golden was "stripped back", hopefully the next one will be "all out".
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  4. Just woke up to get ready for work and screamed this was live already. If y'all are a broke binch until payday like me you can always buy through PayPal which let's you do the split up option akin to klarna or afterpay into four separate payments every two weeks. dddddd
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  5. It's great they're up for pre-orders but I'm a bit disappointed there isn't any signed copies available yet. Is she not doing any or do they usually announce them later on?
  6. The Extended Mixes vinyl looks incredible from the mock up.
  7. Probably be closer to the time, I remember she did the Disco Marble Vinyls close to release date.
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  8. Why can´t I ever find anything on Amazon anymore when I search for it? This does not come up for me in a search, so thanks for the link.

    The shipping for the bundle with the deluxe LP box, the 5 CD version and the CD single came down to EUR 54.50, which is a lot. But I guess the CD single and possibly the deluxe vinyl will be store exclusives...?
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  9. Usually she does a limited signed print with the first few pre-orders and then some signed copies in release week. Now there’s no chart battle (and so no real need to push sales with signed copies), we might not get them.
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  10. Extended mixes?

    Oh yes please
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  11. No and I would think the lack of vinyl deliveries may bite so there may be no later vinyl versions. I’d bet on a cassette version or signed print etc.
  12. I guess the vinyl with the extended versions of the songs will count as a separate album charts-wise? (Essentially a remix album).
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  13. For Disco they added signed CDs 2 weeks before release (then added more batches in the run up), the marble vinyl in the week before release, signed prints at Chalky’s/HMV on the Monday after release, signed prints on her store on the Tuesday, and signed vinyl on the Wednesday (and cassettes at some point that week too).

    I don’t think they’ll be making a triple cassette (though I could be wrong), but I can see signed A4 prints potentially being added in release week if they really care about the chart position.
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  14. I really want extended mixes but they only seem to be on vinyl! Hope they end up on streaming or digital?
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  15. The Infinite Disco audio isn’t included on the digital/streaming version. Maybe it’ll be on a separate release?
  16. Well I’d didn’t go overboard, just ordered the Guest List Edition vinyl and Extended Mix vinyl bundle. Actually my first vinyl purchase in months after I decided I needed to save money dd.
  17. Kylie’s wrist needs a break.

    No signed stuff is fine by me, we have enough!
  18. I am thrilled for the extended mixes vinyl, I really did not expect we would get something like that. I would have loved a CD release as well but I am glad we finally get a CD single. More and more artists are releasing them again.
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  19. MB


    Was really hoping for a tour announcement. Guess there’s still time…
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  20. For me, the separate shipping option would have been ca 30 EUR more! 55 EUR in shipping was already more then enough for me but 85 EUR was just ridiculous. I still hope I can find the Deluxe LP set and the CD single somewhere else so I can cancel the order from the official shop.
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