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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I think the extended mixes being on vinyl is fitting, since that's the format DJ's would use in the club back in the Disco days. But it would be nice if they turn up on streaming or a separate CD release for the fans who don't have a vinyl player.
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  2. I’d be willing to bet they’ll appear on CD during release week.
  3. The extended mixes purple vinyl is available on JB Hi-fi website.

    I pre-ordered it but I would like it on streaming eventually.
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  4. Maybe "bad" is too harsh, perhaps "naff" is the word they were going for?
  5. Every format for this era:
    - Black Vinyl
    - Clear Vinyl with (signed) photo print (D2C)
    - Turquoise Vinyl (Amazon)
    - Blue Vinyl (Indies, signed at Townsend)
    - Deluxe 2LP Marbled Blue Vinyl (D2C)
    - Deluxe 2LP Glow In The Dark Vinyl (Amazon)
    - Guest List 3LP Vinyl
    - Extended Mixes Purple 2LP Vinyl (D2C)
    - Guest List Deluxe Boxset with Slipcase (D2C)

    - CD (signed at HMV/Townsend, signed print at Chalky's/HMV)
    - Deluxe CD (signed print at Chalky's)
    - Deluxe Mediabook CD (D2C)
    - Guest List 2CD
    - Guest List 5 Disc Mediabook

    - Slipcase Cassette
    - Alt Cover 1 Slipcase Cassette
    - Alt Cover 2 Slipcase Cassette
    - Alt Cover 3 Slipcase Cassette
    - Deluxe Double Cassette

    - Say Something 7"
    - Magic 7"
    - Real Groove 7"
    - A Second To Midnight CD

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  6. I'm sure BMG will release the extended mixes as digital downloads during release week a la Steps' Night Out/Afterparty Editions.
  7. Yes but since they are on JB Hi-fi I was wondering.
  8. Really glad I managed to get a copy of everything so far.
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  9. I hope so!
    I need these extended mixes on my iPhone for walking and mincing!!
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  10. It was awful though and I found it very disappointing. The vocals and the production weren´t even in synch.
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  11. Depends on how you view that particular sound, I guess. I love the cover version, and it's totally obvious, having watched the TV series it was a part of, what they were going for with it and what they were aiming to recreate.

    I guess that's sort of lost to time, especially since the TV series itself had almost no pop cultural impact outside of BBC iPlayer in the autumn 2008.
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  12. I must be in the minority who absolutely love the winner takes it all. Kylie’s vocals particularly are gorgeous. And I love the production too!
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  13. That's the word I was after!
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  14. I agree with this, International audiences would prefer Disco lets face it.
  15. Seeing all of the various formats that this release is getting makes me laugh at some of the earlier posts that suggested this would be a cute little re-release that Kylie and co. didn't care about how it charts.
  16. Me too!!
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  17. I wasn't going to get the guest list triple lp, was only going for the Extended vinyl and the 5cd box.

    Well guess what Mimi?
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  18. Question: is your card charged right away at her store? I remember ordering the Real Groove 7" but I can't remember. I know they do it with PayPal but not sure about the credid card.
  19. I think credit cards are charged when they are ready to dispatch.
  20. Credit and debit cards are ring-fenced, the money is paid back in after a couple of days.
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