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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I really hate this interviewer - first pressing her on whether she wants a family and then saying she’d have to give up her career for a family? It’s literally 2021.
  2. Yes, Kyle is annoying but most Aussies know he's a shock jock, even Kylie knew with the way she laughed and answered some awkward questions.

    I liked how Kylie threw Joshua Sasse under the bus.
  3. I wish that whoever wrote this gave us an example of something that "Kiss Of Life" could be compared to from What's Your Pleasure. "Upbeat and fast" gives me "Hot N Heavy" and "Please," whereas "slinky shimmery" gives me "Read My Lips" and "What's Your Pleasure." I just hope that it lives up to the standards of Jessie's other songs with "Kiss" in their titles.
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  4. First listen or two I wasn't sold on this, but every listen is better than the last, she's absolutely smashed it again. The melody in the chorus especially is so nostalgic, and that beat in the verse is a dream.
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  5. Thats the highlight - saying that Vinnie Jones was ‘probably right’ when he called Sasse a bell-end!!

    Anyone else noticed the hypocrisy of singing at a Global Citizen concert and then moving to Australia and talking about flying back and forth between the 2 countries?? Good job she’s in popular favour at the minute otherwise the press would be having a field day!!
  6. I think because she helped call out world leaders on environmental issues, she should have stayed based in London and never see her family again.
  7. Come on Olly / Years & Years are way better than Jake Shears for multiple reasons.
    Also have you heard his recent duet with Annie... nn
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  8. These type of comments unfortunately are typical in a country - driven by a right wing media - which is more interested in providing “gotcha” moments exposing apparent hypocrisy amongst climate change activists and individuals - than holding governments to account and interrogating structural plans for dealing with climate change.
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  9. This really is a grower. I’m bopping my ass to this this morning. Gets better with each listen.
  10. I'm salivating at the idea of Kylie/Jessie video now.
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  11. Isn't Global Citizen's goal to end extreme poverty? I don't see the correlation between their mission and Kylie planning on travelling between two countries for her work / life balance.
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  12. ?????
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  13. I can just FEEL the sensual energy now. A cross over between What's Your Pleasure and Magic would be perfection. Give us that sexy magic.
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  14. Their top objective is to halt climate change. Nobody was so quick to defend Emma Thompson the other year when extinction rebellion called her out. I’m just saying it’s good that she’s a public sweetheart at the minute otherwise the press would go for her - just like they have many other celebrities
  15. I mean... I can't see Kylie travelling back and forth every 2 weeks between Australia and the UK. She'll most likely spend months at a time in each country, depending on what's going on at that time. We've seen how easy it is to call into TV shows for interviews or whatever so I'm sure even after the pandemic those things will continue to be 'the norm'.
  16. She’s probably going to spend half year in Australia and half year in London. I don’t see the problem?
  17. So che should also stop touring.
  18. Preach
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  19. In my head the Jessie collab will be in the same vein as 'Save A Kiss'.

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  20. I have to say with each play I am loving the single more and more..... so much so I got remixing and cranked up the Disco a bit more. I hope you all enjoy my take!

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