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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Yep. This new one is a grower.
  2. Yeah I can't stop playing this.
  3. "A Second To Midnight" is No. 4 on Spotify's New Music Friday Australia, which is impressive for a song that was released earlier this week instead of on Friday.
  4. Another day and this song still bops.
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  5. Honestly, this sounds like my dream? So happy for her!
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  6. Loving the “ticking the tock” line! Throwing it back to Giving You Up
  7. Kylie on 'The One Show' tomorrow from 7pm.
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  8. Wow I can't believe Kylie has the power to singlehandedly stop climate change by not flying between two countries and is choosing not to do so. What a shame.
  9. I’m straight out addicted to this and it’s a damn ear worm, the melody from I Just Died in Your Arms has been doing it for me. I am really curious to hear the Jessie and Gloria tracks, I hope they let Gloria tear it up in the studio.
  10. Out favourite Tory on that other forum has confirmed she’s touring next year for what it’s worth.
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  11. I guess they are gonna release all three songs as singles and then be like “surprise, bitch, I’m touring after all after teasing for months on end hehe”.
  12. Really unpopular opinion but A Second To Midnight is not gelling with me. Maybe it's because I'm not really a fan of Olly. He just really erks me.
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  13. 2 listens in and that pre-chorus really is addictive, I’m expecting to be obsessed with this song by the weekend
  14. Gets better each listen I think. Addicted to it!!
  15. Man this woman doesn't age.
  16. Stunning!!! What is the golden vine awards??
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  17. Kyle is annoying but he stands up for the gays, he's not allowing the new NSW premier (who is against gay marriage) on his show...I respect him for that.
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  18. The video is super cute. If you told me Kylie had shot the video for Step Back in Time earlier that day, I'd believe you.
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  19. I didn't realize that Olly was so unpopular on here, tbh. Personally, I'm a fan.
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  20. A day or so in and the song isn't getting much better, but isn't getting worse either. I like the lyrics and the Kylie verses are perfectly fine, but the chorus is a bit of a bore and at times she sounds like she is singing through gritted teeth. Olly's voice is so thin and he sounds like he has a constant cold.
    The spoken bits need to be more prominent and it needed a bit of an explosion after the middle 8. Going back to another vanilla chorus kills any momentum made.

    All in all a 6.5.

    Video is admittedly brilliant though.
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