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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I'm surprised the 12" Extended album is still availble on the official store.
  2. The song is…. fine? But I dunno, its pretty boring, kinda expected more. Not sure why cause the whole re-issue thing seems completely pointless. I guess its nice for big Kylie fans but I think I’ll give this one a skip and stick to the regular version of the album.
  3. Didn't realize this was a thing happening ddd. But I really like the song! I didn't think about Kylie and Olly collabing but it makes a lot of sense after listening to it, and they have amazing chemistry in the video, which overall is really great.
    Add me to the "people who don't understand dislike/hate for Olly/Years & Years". I really like him and the last album was brilliant.
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  4. Apparently her and Olly are performing on The One Show in a bit, stage set up and sound check happening. Info has come from SayHell.
  5. Performance confirmed:
  6. Like, I’ve not really loved anything Olly/Years & Years have done but I very much like that he exists, is successful and seems like a decent guy that projects queer power. I would have loved someone like him to look up to when I was younger. I can see why Kylie likes him.
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  7. Kylie and Olly on The One Show - adorable! Showing love and respect as always AND performing at the end!
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  8. Horrible vocals from both sadly.
  9. Great fun performance but the sound wasn't great. It got better as it went on.
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  10. The single debuted at #13 on both downloads and sales yet nowhere to be found on the main (streaming) chart. Not bad for a mid week release. And who knows maybe another (minor) hit coming their way once the CD is released and if promo continues?

    The vocals were off at the start but it was a good performance I think. They clearly have fun!

    Random question but meant genuinely - covid related - but why do they keep social distance etc on tv shows and performances when you can meet friends, go to restaurants and nightclubs etc and work next to people all day? I don’t get the false pretence on TV at present of following outdated guidance?
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  11. Meeting close friends for coffee is a very different thing from being in a busy studio with people you don't know. And I wouldn't be going to any packed nightclubs yet, I doubt many on this BBC show are going too.
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  12. I don't think celebs attending events are social distancing (from clips I have seen on TV and socials) hence my thinking it's just for show on TV - but was just a question not passing judgement on anyone's personal choices now that more freedoms have been restored in the UK at least.
  13. Yeah, not the best vocals but improved as it went on. This sounds great though:
  14. A lovely performance, it's always pure joy to see Kylie live. I was expecting a disaster based on the first comments.
  15. She's just lovely!
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  16. I keep returning to the video. When was the last time Kylie served us choreography that well? She was flawless!
  17. Don't think we can group "celebs" together. I'm sure different people have different attitudes and things they are comfortable and not comfortable with. And so I think it's great that this tv show has a set that reflects this, and it should be praised.

    Also, the pandemic is not over regardless of "more freedoms" (hate the use of this word in this context as it implies the removal of "freedoms"). Did a quick search and yesterday there were 40,000 additional cases and over 120 deaths reported in the UK.
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  18. I really enjoyed the peformance, such a fun song.
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  19. I thought the performance was amazing. Lots of fun and energy! Dodgy vocals for like 10 seconds, yeah, but not the disaster I thought it was going to be judging by some of your comments! I think this song will go off when she performs it on tour. I hope she weren't cold performing outside.
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  20. That performance was good and the ad libs thrown in were great. This is just fun and honestly pretty much perfect to launch the reissue of Disco off of.
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