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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. It was just nice to see Kylie perform a new song on TV again.
  2. She's glowing. How to not stan this woman?
  3. The performance was great - don't understand the initial comments. Loved it.
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  4. They sound great, I'm not hearing horrible vocals here.
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  5. Yeah, if that is the vocal that people heard and not some dub for the youtube upload it is really, really good, isn't it? I loved every second of the live performance.
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  6. She was a bit flat to start with but got better as it went on.
    Olly….was there too.
  7. If you mean Olly was there, sang well and had the most fun performing live with one of his idols, you're right.
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  8. Sure. Whatever helps you.
  9. Dawn must've directed something from the Guest List edition because I felt that Kylie on the One Show was about to say her name (something along the lines of "Directed by Daw-- Sophie Muller").
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  10. Yeah I just watched the interview and she just about said her name. Perhaps Dawn has directed the videos for the other two new songs, would make sense with the tea that was posted in here a few days ago.
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  11. Wait. That was lovely. Kylie's first few seconds felt a little off, but that felt like it was as much to do with the mix as with anything else.
  12. Yes.
    Kylie's first note was a bum note but she recovered very quickly, and delivered some great vocals.
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  13. It was also the echo on mic at the beginning that seemed to throw the vocals off. That's how it sounded to me. She recovered it quickly though and was a delight.
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  14. Exactly that.
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  15. Obligatory Sakgra remix

    It's giving... it's giving Eighth Wonder.
  16. I approve.
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  17. Don’t be scared. I’m not.
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  18. It’s just hit me that Kylie in her Olly Alexander wig is giving me Susan Kennedy from Neighbours and I can’t be mad at that
  19. The music video, just makes me know that long blonde Kylie, is the best!
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