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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Billboard hot dance-electronic songs
    A Second To Midnight
    Kylie Minogue With Years & Years
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  2. Kylie has been nominated for two ARIA Awards:

    These are her first nominations since she was inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame back in 2011.
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  3. Has Kylie moved into the adult contemporary category.

    Her music isn't quite Tina Arena balladry and Smooth FM, or is it now?
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  4. I was about to say, in what world is she AC?
  5. The ARIA's this year aren't doing Best Male or Best Female - they are gender neutral this year.
  6. I guess that that's basically like The ARIAs saying that she's more Radio 2 than Radio 1.

    In my opinion, Kylie became Adult Contemporary the moment that she released a Christmas album shortly after releasing an album of orchestral reinterpretations of her former hits.
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  7. I guess it doesn't matter since she's never going to win no matter what category she's in.
  8. The real winners were inside us all along.
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  9. If she decided to attend she will win.
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  10. Very well deserved too.
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  12. I'm pretty sure that the only chart that does include YouTube streams is the Billboard Charts.

    It is funny that ARIA doesn't count YouTube streams, despite their Awards Show being sponsored by them.
  13. She seems thrilled

  14. Entertainment awards shows are utterly pointless but what kind of vague waste of time is “Best Artist”?

    All awards should be specified so they can at least pretend there was judging criteria consulted.
  15. The ARIA Awards no longer do gendered awards to be more inclusive, so instead of Best Male and Best Female, it's just Best Artist overall.
  16. I read your post mentioning this earlier in the thread but I wasn’t referencing gender. I don’t see the point of an overall “Best Artist” award whether it’s gendered or not. At least breaking the awards down into genres (pop, country etc) feels like it has some purpose. Even then we’ve seen how many issues there are with that in recent years. Which brings me full circle back to “Awards shows are pointless”.
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  17. She's so cute!
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  18. I wonder if we will get remixes for A Second To Midnight.
  19. Be good, but some Kylie remixes are hit and miss for me gotta say. Would still happily welcome them though.
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