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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. Different strokes. I think the quality of songs on Disco is up there with some of her best stuff. I much prefer the more pop style of Disco to Jessie’s album. Some will think that’s crazy but we all like what we like so saying ‘she’s capable of better’ actually just means ‘I wish she would do something I like’.
  2. But the song is not Kylie stepping out of her comfort zone, it's Kylie doing What's Your Pleasure. It's not an innovative, life-changing alt-pop opus you make it out to be.

    Kylie has always managed to mix pure pop with something interesting, but she is never too experimental, and Disco (in its original form) is not an exception to this either. It's not a by-the-book pop album: we have Miss a Thing, which is real disco-pop, Supernova, which is probably the busiest and campest Kylie track in a while, Say Something with its totally unconventional structure and shimmery production, and Dance Floor Darling, which kind of speaks for itself, really. I wouldn't say that she has veered very far from her comfort zone on this record, but she didn't not leave it.
  3. Everyone has different tastes and the "many people" seem to be about 5.
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  4. I think you'll find it is.

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  5. Absolutely love Jessie's text in that Instagram post.
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  6. Very well said. And Disco remains a delight too.
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  7. Disco is a brilliant Kylie album, up there with one of my favourites. With Kylie, there’s endless pandering and wondering ‘what she’ll do next’ and everyone has a strong opinion. I like that she’ll do whatever she fancies, and we’ll have to deal.
  8. Disco gave us Say Something, which alongside All The Lovers, Dancing, The One and I Believe in You are the sad-bangers that only Kylie can really pull off.
  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I mean DISCO is solidly in my bottom three Kylie albums. People are allowed to express a dislike of the material especially when they (including me!) know she is capable of so much more. Fans are allowed to be disappointed, just as much as they are allowed to love it! What we don't want is people acting entitled - you can express valid criticism and not behave like a toddler. Which is why I packed my bags up and left instead of haunting the thread!
  10. Kiss of Life is giving me Life! DISCO has been a revelation and for me such an amazing era, I can honestly say this is one of her best albums and eras ever...Real Groove, Say Something, A Second To Midnight. Kiss of Life, Dance floor Darling, Miss A Thing...sorry this album slaps.
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  11. I think this quote needs to be engraved on the front page of this website.
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  12. I mean we’ve all been on here long enough to know that coming into this thread claiming that What’s Your Pleasure is amazing and Disco is rubbish is going to stir things up. There’s really no point in all the performative dramatics when there’s some pushback.
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  13. Aside from “Say Something”, I really don’t like Disco.

    Holy shit! I am floored. It sounds amazing!
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  14. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I'll see myself out!
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  15. Disco isn't entirely rubbish, there's a few damn good songs.
    It's like a cheesecake where the base is hard and inedible but the topping is pretty decent so you scrape that off and enjoy it while binning the crust.
  16. What’s Your Pleasure is severely overrated. Save A Kiss and Please are the only two songs getting in a flap over.
  17. Oh god what?!
  18. You know, if only we could say we like something without this need to compare with something we don't like, this reads like a need for validation as "SEE I WAS RIGHT THEN, YOU WERE WRONG". We get that you didn't like something when there's 20 pages of it. Talk about the one you like now and move on.

    And yes, Kiss of Life sounds AMAZING, guess I'm a fag of certain age of whatever target market then...
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  19. HMD


    Both What’s Your Pleasure? and DISCO are amazing for me and amongst my favourite albums of 2020. Soooo I’m beyond thrilled with this collab. Can’t wait to hear it in full after midnight!
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  20. Run.
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