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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. The extended mixes make the album sound so much more disco than the original release. She's is loosing streams by not putting this out everywhere, I hope we get this next week (and INFINITE DISCO audio too)
  2. She's not really losing streams because the release wasn't meant to come out until mid-December and the people who received the Extended Mixes vinyl early or have went out of their way to track down a vinyl rip will undoubtedly still stream the Extended Mixes when or if they do get added to streaming services.
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  3. I had been hunting for the rip of the vinyl since I saw people were getting theirs early, but I’m just impatient and can’t wait for my physical copy to arrive. I’m just that much more excited to be able to play it as soon as it’s here. I’m loving it.
  4. Is there any talk of a digital release of the extended mixes?
  5. RJF


    Extended “Say Something” is her best track in years.
  6. Yeah, the extended version of Disco is the definitive version of the album. Everything feels more enhanced and spacious.

    Songs like Monday Blues, Where Does… and Supernova, which I sometimes find too full on and abrasive, are given room to breathe and build - I love how the intros to them layer on an element at a time so when the song actually starts, it doesn’t feel like you’ve been hit by a car. Even the subtler songs like Magic and Unstoppable just sound more full.

    The only one that doesn’t work for me is Dancefloor Darling, which is shame since it’s my favoured Kylie song in years. If you’re not gonna extend that explosive outro, then what’s the point of it?
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  7. I was gonna cancel refrain from listening to any of the extended mixes of Disco until the inevitable digital release but caved and gave Say Something a go and holy shit if she didn't take us to gay church. The Disco choir? The instrumentals? If THIS was the main version then I'd be ranking it in her upper tier of songs. As it stands, I need it so badly on my phone. It's a religious experience as it builds.


    Kylie. Kylie Minogue is my Lord and saviour.
  8. I wonder if the early shipment of Disco: Extended Mixes will have a negative impact on its potential chart position. That being said, I guess that this release is more of a "for the fans" release, whereas The Guest List Edition was the release that she is more focused on.
  9. So these extended versions across the board are a marked improvement, they just didn't tack on extended intros and outros, there are subtle changes throughout each track with some just being excellent adlibs and added lines. I have to stan.

    Makes you think if this was the original version of the album and it needed to be hacked down for streaming teebs.
  10. Surely there will be a CD version?

    Say Something (Extended Mix) is perfect.
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  11. She is such a treasure. These extended mixes are simply amazing. Magic and Say Something are the standouts. She really knew what was up by making those the singles. Even the ones Sky produced sound great. Thank you to who ever had the idea to do this. It really elevates the album.
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  12. Love it. Though, I wish Kylie wasn't so buried in the mix there. It was like she was a backup singer in certain passages.
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  13. Okay so the remix for Dance Floor Darling is brilliant? It’s so much better than the album version.
    Adore the F9 Say Something too.
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  14. I'm trying to refrain from listening til I get my vinyl but started with Magic and am floored.
  15. W2K


    Camp excellence. Glorious.
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  16. Okay so the original mixes can go right in the bin now.
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  17. Wow at the extended versions having so much more finesse and room to breathe.

    Did Steve Anderson work on them? There's a warmth that was sadly missing in several tracks previously.
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  18. If they only worked with each other from now on, that'd be fine with me.
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  19. Wish this (extended mixes) be also be on CD too at some-point, shame it's the redundant format these days.
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