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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. This is why I believe they have been done post release of the original album.

    A lot of things we asked for the reissue have come to fruition, Bonus Tracks, Remixes, Extended Mixes, Infinite Disco DVD/Blu Ray & Audio. She is gonna make the tour happen when it is possible. We have spies in our midst..
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  2. My lord, Jessie’s vocals in that performance were glorious!

    It was camp in the best way.
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  3. Loved that performance. The stage would work so well on a tour. And the backing singers were giving so good.
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  4. How did the extended mixes vinyl get released early then? Is it just by those of us who ordered direct from her store? Seems like a strange 'mix up' if that is indeed what it was.
  5. The only complaint I have about the extended mixes is that they didn’t extend the deluxe tracks. I’d kill for a 5 minute version of Fine Wine!
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  6. And yet look at ABBA’s first week sales. The vast majority were CD, despite the vinyl sales getting talked about more.
  7. CAMP. This era has just been an absolute explosion of joy. When is the tour going on sale?! I’m quite surprised an announcement hasn’t been made. Surely the latent demand is huge at the moment? I fear we aren’t getting a Disco tour…
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  8. Oh yes, that's a very valid point. Like to think there is life in the CD yet!
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  9. I agree that it seems like someone from her team has been taking notes and the extended mixes is a reflection of that. Lest we forget that @WhereDoesTheDJGo is still a member on here, albeit an inactive member.
    To be fair, that's probably due to vinyl having its own charts.
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  10. The instrumentation on the extended mixes and her extra vocals, are both just so lush and rich. God, I love her.
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  11. Definitely! I guess CDs are still the go-to format for plenty of 40+ buyers.
  12. Not to much this 30 year old here ha ha!
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  13. I love the extended versions. Hope they'll make their way on Spotify soon.
    I would have love a continuous mix on the vinyl though, a la Confessions on a Dancefloor. But it's amazing that she gave us this so I'm not complaining at all.
  14. Unstoppable, is especially shining even more so via it's extended mix. Gives me total The Boss/diana era vibes.
  15. Listening to the extended versions and for the second time in this album's life Say Something is the clear outlier. Most of those extended mixes had just a bit of instrumental tacked on here and there to varying degrees of succes (Supernova and Where Does The DJ Go gain a lot, Miss A Thing or Last Chance don't, the song that needed it most - Dancefloor Darling - received the poorest treatment). At the same time, Say Something gets a whole new fucking mix with some more synths and that heavenly choir featured more prominently. Clearly that was a labor of love!
    Kylie, I hope you agree with me on which producers you should return to for your next project...
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  16. I don't think demand is the issue. It's finding a slot.
  17. I love what they’ve done with some of the mixes - Say Something just transcends. But some of them feel a little blah and extended for the sake of it rather than working to enhance the original flow of the song. Miss A Thing for example feels pretty stop/start. Also, not extending the dance break in Dance Floor Darling was most definitely a choice that was made.
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  18. True. I guess venues are hugely backed up at the moment. But surely we’ve got to be close to an announcement. It’s such a massive income stream and the record company must be keen to recoup on the investment from this era.
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  19. I need more Jessie and Kylie, hopefully a song on Jessie’s new album! I am begging them!
  20. I'm seeing new tours announced by other acts for December 2022 - which implies to me that everything up til then is rescheduled tours from 2020/21. Kylie tends to announce tours with around 8 months advance, so maybe she's just running out the calendar so that it feels closer and more urgent to buy tickets.

    Or dates will be announced on Friday evening when the chart position for Guest List Edition comes in.
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