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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. This one's better.

  2. Aren't most tours usually announced very early in the morning?
    Although I have occasionally seen pages adding events on Facebook during late evening.
  3. Did you mean Infinite Disco? Or are you referring to Kylie singing a snippet of "Real Groove" and along to "Electricity" during Dua's Studio 2054?
  4. Oop.

    Well both were amazing dd
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  5. I’m still wishing Kylie will work with Sally Shapiro, and Johan Agebjörn will bring us Kylie’s cover of Dying In Africa to save the world.
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  6. Kylie x Italians Do It Better could actually potentially be amazing but I don't ever expect that to happen.
  7. I just watched Infinite Disco for the first time. What a show! Loved it. Now I really want the tour to happen.
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  8. W2K


    These extended mixes are largely really good aren't they?! Some of them are a bit "paste the instrumental in after the chorus" but there's some lovely moments that really flesh out the album versions.

    Say Something remains a 100/10.
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  9. Not to get all dream X tracklist but listening to the extended mixes I’m curious if anyone has their ideal Disco tracklist? Like which original versions would people switch out for the extended and would the Guest List collabs work being spread out throughout the album (so you don’t spend the whole album waiting for Kiss Of Life dd)
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  10. Interesting to see that out of the 3 new songs A Second To Midnight is the highest on iTunes (I know, I know) it’s sitting at number 36 on UK iTunes and Can’t Stop Writing Songs About You which only came out on Friday is number 82. It seems to be responding well to the airplay.
  11. The extended versions were all great, not sure if any were more essential than the original edits (I wasn't paying that much attention, it was playing on the background), but they sure had a lot of great moments each. Is Supernova richer? Sounds like it but as a result it didn't help that the chorus still sounds like the most empty part of the song. Also, I was not expecting a choir in I Love It, but considering it was what was missing from the original track for me, it would have been nice to have one here.

    The singles are great. The new videos are excellent, the improvement after the first two videos of the era is shocking. The first two were so... boring/lifeless. Overproduced, little movement, no interesting editing or camera work. A Second To Midnight and Kiss of Life are the polar opposite. I think the Olly track would even look great if they didn't do the look changes/masks, it was just a joy to watch as a set up and as a choreography.

    I am wondering if it would have been better to hold on to the Jessie track and maybe the Gloria track for the next era? Neither sounds like it belongs here as much as A Second to Midnight (which I think could really carry the re-release on its back, along with the extended edits - included for the original bonus tracks and the new one(s) - and the Infinite Disco discs).

    Kiss Of Life is a major progression and would be great on the next album even as an oddity a-la Confide/Slow, and I Can't Stop would still make sense on an electropop album if that's indeed what she ends up doing next. Of course having Gloria on the track - amazing delivery - means it more obviously belongs on the album titled 'Disco' but at the same time as a Kylie song, it's more in the vein of something she'd do with the Scissor Sisters or during some X sessions as mentioned before. The weak part is the chorus for me, the one time where a different section comes in it injects so much life into the track. It would have benefited from an extra hook I think...

    I loved how what we got so far felt like the kind of investment that would go into a new era, more than we could have hoped for!
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  12. On the one hand, yes, on the other hand I feel that there's still so much creative potential to explore between her and Jon Green - Radio On, Lost Without You and Say Something are all 5/5 for me.
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  13. They need to do some late 80s/early 90s-sounding powerballads.
  14. I don't know why but suddenly I imagined Kylie singing the middle-eight of Take My Breath Away and now I want her to cover it?
  15. Oh I can hear it, the middle 8 would suit her beautifully!
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  16. I actually prefer the Infinite Disco mix of Say Something to the extended version - I love the “This is Love” vocals at the end of it.
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  17. She could probably make more sales/coin if they put the extended on CD and tape...just sayin...
    Hopefully it will get a big boost in sales from the CD single...may even make the charts like Say Something and Magic did....
  18. Considering this, I was genuinely surprised that Infinite Disco was bundled into The Guest List Edition. I was expecting it to be its own release with several different bundles—CD-only, DVD & Blu-ray-only and CD, DVD & Blu-ray.
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  19. The laser disc and video tapes are being prepared as we speak.
  20. VHS and Betamax? That nostalgia train just don't let up.
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