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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. No 9 is a bit disappointing but I guess it doesn’t really matter as it will just be a reflected as a re-entry for Disco which has already been to no 1 anyway. I’m more interested in what the sales are.
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  2. Anybody that ordered the limited version on the official site has to wait until December. So a chunk is missing in sales this week, sadly.
  3. 9 seems a lot higher than I thought. Nobody outside of her hardcore fans is going to care about Infinite Disco and very few people will buy the same album again for 3 new songs.
  4. Cheer up @Celestial Mosaic

    I think Infinite Disco was great, I re-watched it the other night and it was a joy to watch and I thought she sounded great.

    No.9 is somewhat disappointing as she'll no doubt drop over the coming days. Then again, is there any promo happening to support this release?
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  5. Even including those factors, I thought she'd have midweeked in the top 5. It's unlikely she'll be in the top ten come Friday and I would have thought a re-entry in the top ten would have been a shoe-in.
  6. She’s sold 8.6k. The Wanted, Damon Albarn and Idles are ahead of her and will also be frontloaded, so she may overtake them, though Bruno Mars at no 10 is doing well on streaming so will probably overtake her. If she really cares about a top 10 she could sign some copies, but I’m not sure she does.

    Also - to give some context - today’s figure alone would have given her a top 5 hit in virtually all other weeks this year.
  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    From the way her team games the charts by releasing 9,000 versions for the bundles of sticks to buy 20 times, #9 is pretty shocking. Then again this has already outperformed every album since Aphrodite so... there isn't much to worry about.
  8. 8.6k to midweek at number 9 is surprising. Those sales would have midweeked her in the top 3 just a few weeks ago. Must be an enormous sales week (by modern standards)
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  9. I am lowkey obsessed with the Initial Talk remix of “Real Groove”, it had me with the “K-K-K-K-Kylie”.
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  10. 9 is a disappointment? For a re-release, I think that’s fabulous.
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  11. Just for some added context, her sales to be midweek #9 today are higher than last Monday’s midweek #3 had sold. It’s an incredibly busy release week! I think the sales are pretty decent for a reissue!
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  12. It would be if it stayed there, but as she will be frontloaded with pre-orders we can expect it to drop through the week.
  13. I looked at 9 and thought that was excellent. I don't think re-releases really appeal to the general public.
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  14. It’s a re-release of an already #1 album which got her those headlines last fall so I’m sure they aren’t that fussed. Now if they give it a discount cause it is a bit steep for most and throw up signed copies and cassette formats she can sell modestly through the holidays. This is largely something to keep some interest going until a tour announcement anyway…
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  15. These sales so far for a re issue are pretty good going. It will suspect be top 20 in the end as opposed to top 10, but still not bad at all seeing as this is for the fans effectively anyway.
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  16. It's not really that shocking considering all the artists with new albums above her do the same thing, Taylor and Little Mix must have had 100 versions of their's standard practice these days. Let's not forget this album has already been #1 and in the top 10 for weeks. I do think they are missing an opportunity by not releasing the extended version of the album on CD, cassette and streaming but maybe that will come later and the strategy is to keep it alive for as long as possible.
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  17. There's two ways to view this. For a re-release, No. 9 is quite impressive, but its position isn't final and may drop once streaming is factored in and at the same time, this isn't your regular "let's slap a bunch of remixes from this era onto a second CD and call it a day" re-release that Kylie normally releases and is a project that has received a similar amount of investment as the original album—when the MV for "Can't Stop Writing Songs About You" drops, she'll have released more MVs from the re-release than the original album. It's unfortunate that this came out during such a busy week, but at least she didn't release this during the same week as 30. But I also agree with @Celestial Mosaic in that I can't imagine anyone outside of hardcore fans purchasing the re-release for three new songs.
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  18. I may be mistaken, but I think they may have fixed the issue with some of Kylie's vocals being buried too deep in the mix in this official upload to Jonathon Ross' YouTube channel. It sounds better than that fan capture.

  19. Regardless of the chart position, the sales aren’t affected, she’d still have sold 8.6k copies at whatever point those midweek sales were for. So while it would be great to see Disco in the top 10 again, the chart position is meaningless if Kylie/BMG are happy with the sales and the album is profitable. Q4 is always stacked with big releases, so charting high is harder, but at the same time, sales are higher at this time of year anyway.

    there are those extra sales to come as well when the slip mat/box set/bundle edition ship, so sales won’t be as front loaded as they would have otherwise been.
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  20. I mean if this had been released last week it would probably have gone top 5 with the same sales and we’d all be unanimously saying it was a success, she’s just released in the most difficult week in ages.
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