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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Not that I want Kylie to do a Janet, I think songs like Miss A Thing would work best as part of a medley.
  2. My 2 CD Guest List edition arrived today and I'm revisiting the full album for the first time in nearly a year. Magic is hitting different all of a sudden, though Miss a Thing and Real Groove remain the only threats to Say Something's throne as best of the batch.
  3. Loving Gloria stanning in the comments.
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  4. Literally listening to Pretty Please when I read your comment. Mind blown.
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  5. This. Cause the vocals are gentle and quite. You can’t really belt it out on a large stage.
  6. German Midweek Charts
    20 (RE) Disco
  7. If that's the case, I honestly would prefer that they come up with an arrangement that works in a live setting instead of just paying one of the best tracks from the era dust. I'd probably even settle for it being used as a video interlude.
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  8. Miss a Thing is... the best song on the album and the treatment it has received is homophobic.
  9. The last time Kylie played Italy, she sold less than 2,000 tickets. This was the Golden tour.

    Kylie would also be waiting for Australia to get its sh** together for arena shows and tours, because Kylie makes her coins in the UK and Australia with tours.
  10. This is killing me. She deserves to be a strong touring force in Europe till she retires even if she doesn't do anything else new.
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  11. I actually think she hasn’t been offered a tour by a promoter yet dd.
  12. Well that seems very unrealistic.
  13. She probably asks for a very high fee and her shows cost a lot (Dancers, props, band etc) whereas they can run a tour by a cheaper upcoming band in the same arenas with half the cost and bigger profit. All during a stacked year or two due to corona push backs. It’s no shade to Kylie.
  14. Of course she can tour Europe if she wants to. Jesus. She would just pare down the show for the EU dates if there were budget issues.

    Disco charted way better than Golden, there would be enough demand.
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  15. £7.50 + €6.50 postage and €14.51 in customs later, my package of Extended Mixes, Guestlist Edition, 5CD and A Second to Midnight have arrived in Ireland and visually alone, it was worth the cost. The packaging is STUNNING. The original Disco album was the most invested in Kylie I've been since the Body Language era (I somehow bypassed Aphrodite until this year) and The Extended Mixes are giving me all the utter joy I experienced last year all over again. For me, each one is worthwhile (the vocals at the start of Celebrate You are somewhat questionable) and gives new life to each track. This is the only version I'll be using now.
  16. I am not surprised Italians did not take to Golden.

  17. She also decided to play in a random city (Padua) rather than Milan or Rome or any other bigger city, that played a big role in sales.
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  18. hmmm… that very interesting. And sadly sounds plausible. Is there anyone of her stature touring at the moment or with recently announced dates? Im thinking more on the legacy end of the market. I can’t think of anyone. I know Erasure have just had a hugely successful tour but doubt they're on the same level from a budget/production level.
  19. I think also maybe she’s really not that into doing a paired back tour for Disco? KMO was pretty lean and Golden was relatively paired back by her previous standards. Maybe she’s biding her time to see if a bigger tour can come together?

    Feels like she’s at a point in her life and career where she’s only really going to do stuff she wants to do.
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  20. Unless she does smaller venues, I wouldn't be up for a more pared-down show, Golden Tour felt budget.
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