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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Well, we never got a Body Language tour, just the Money Can't Buy one-off. So perhaps Disco will be another one-off with Infinite Disco. I'm sure a lot of these songs will get performed in future shows anyway.

    Right now, I'd rather focus be on new music and maybe getting a new album out in late 2022/early 2023 than trying to stretch out the Disco campaign for another 6-12 months.
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  2. See y'all in November 2022 for Disco: The Afterparty Edition
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  3. I'm sure that Body Language would've received a tour if the era had performed better—instead we got a Greatest Hits album that could've been interpreted as damage control and a tour to support that—whereas Disco has performed very well, I'd assume that it's even exceeded expectations.

    Obviously, I wouldn't object to new music though.
  4. I’m kind of … loving this?
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  5. It's all relative, isn't it. I'm sure Body Language made more money for Kylie/the label than Disco has but obviously things were much different back in 2003. Even Kiss Me Once got a tour so I don't necessarily think a Body Language tour wouldn't have been successful I suppose they just felt like capitalising on her recent success with a Greatest Hits made more sense.
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  6. Disco's singles run with the first 3 from the original album and now the 3 from the re issue, are certainly up there as one of my all time favourite Kylie singles run. All total class.
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  7. Well she did talk (again) about how fun the Christmas shows were. A DISCO Christmas incoming 2022.
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  8. That is amazing.

    Also this in the replies has me screaming.

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  9. Even if Elizabeth is human, she’s also a bot
  10. Damn, I missed this. What did the deleted tweet say?
  11. The team should've honestly just kept the tweet up, tbh. Free viral marketing.
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  12. Infinite Disco, really is one amazing show one year on. If this still remains the only concert as such to come out of the era, than am happy.
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  13. Am I the only one who misses the bum shaped Darling bottle? Kylie really chasing that sensible Radio 2 coin….
  14. So glad she saw it before it got deleted

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  15. Wonder how Disco will fare in the charts this week? Know doubt it will drop a fair bit.
  16. Been to this little shop a couple of times and it’s such a nice welcoming atmosphere, the owners are really nice as well. It’s like the only LGBT owned record shop in Nashville. Kylie also left a comment on the post.

  17. That's so cute!
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  18. as it's a reissue and most folk who want it would presumably have it by now, I'd imagine a considerable drop. But we can expect it to get a little boost in December when the batch of unshipped vinyls are sent out. Maybe they'll time the Gloria Gaynor video for that week too?
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