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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. All five songs in my Spotify Wrapped are from this. Quelle surprise!
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  2. God, she's STUNNING. Serious Body Language era vibes too.
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  3. At first glance I thought they were Smurfs.
  4. She def wants to tour, she has said that herself but she is looking out for what is happening currently, its going to be mighty hard as there is another variant and of course the cold winter months will determine if there is an increase in cases.

    In the meantime Kylie can enjoy sales of her new Wine, she is doing mighty fine with that :)
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  5. I get that this is a compliment but I always find the comments linking how good she looks and her age a bit off and Daily Mail-ish.

    She looks amazing.
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  6. Are "I Feel Like Anything" and "You Make Me" new tracks?
  7. I’m taking this was just a small exclusive intimate gig and nothing more.
  8. They’re Magic lyrics.
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  9. I wondered about those. Surely she wouldn’t perform 2 brand new tracks as an encore?
  10. Oh, they are. I guess that that just shows how few times I've listen to "Magic."
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  11. This will have been for the Years & Years new year thing for the BBC, I thought?
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  12. That’s shooting December 8th apparently.
  13. I believe it was only a handful of legit fans that got to go to the session, a lot of others were invited "guests".

    The aesthetic of that fashion awards performance is still slaying me. Perfection!
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  14. Ageless queen. This could be from the Body Language era.
  15. Extended mixes are up for Pre-order on Apple Music. Released December 10th.


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  16. Christmas isn’t the only that came early.
  17. I read it was 4 songs only.
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