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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Extended Mixes is out.

  2. Not @WhereDoesTheDJGo granting my wish 12 months later!
  3. The slipcase edition has been delayed until January...

  4. Email from the Kylie store re delay to the deluxe vinyl boxsets:

  5. I got the same email, I was a bit disappointed, as I assumed it was a dispatch email with it due for release tomorrow, oh well, it is what it is, I wonder if we'll get a sticker as a free gift.
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  6. Of all the playlists, I didn’t expect to see Kylie and Gloria on this one
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  7. Butch racing gays said “Yasss”.
  8. My 2022 calendar and tote came today, had totally forgotten I have bought them.
    The tote is a great quality, will do me nicely. The design doesn't feel cheaply applied and like it will crumple away with a few uses.
    Calendar is nice too, a huge improvement on the shitty excuse for what came last year, for one the pictures are all in focus.
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  9. I really find Gloria Gaynor's hustle kind of endearing. Speaking of which, do we think we're still getting a video for Can't Stop Writing Songs About You? A live performance with the two of them would be so much fun. Looks like Gloria's still playing shows.
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  10. It doesn’t appear to be on Apple Music.
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  11. Not until midnight in the UK.
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  12. Look forward to streaming these!
  13. Hmmm so my boxset has a date of 12/17 to ship and I know a lot of people have had theirs moved to 1/07, haven’t got an email saying it’s been changed.
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  14. #1 Australian iTunes - where Disco belongs!
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  15. Wow, what an angel! common of a practice is it to give land acknowledgment in Australia? I'm very used to it in an academic setting but I don't think I've ever seen a popstar do it. How lovely.
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  16. THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Is this going to be out on all webstores as well? I don't see this on HDTracks, Tidal, Hi-Res Audio and Beatport just yet. Hopefully I can also buy this in high quality and replace the album mix of Say Something with the superior extended mix!

    EDIT - found it on HDTracks. I love the extended mixes of Monday Blues (which was already brilliant) and Say Something. I might just replace the album versions with the extended versions.
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  17. Extremely happy that the extended mixes have been released in a Hi-Res digital format. Love these more than the bonus tracks. Well except Monday Blues.
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  18. I don’t understand the Monday Blues hate. The album version is great. The extended mix is great too! The only song that deserves to be trashed is Spotlight.
  19. Monday Blues goes off in extended form.

    But get used to it. It's probably the new Wow.
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