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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. LOVED that. Both sounded great and Kylie looked fierce- love the hair.
  2. As a very passive Kylie fan, the Disco Extended Mixes version really is something special. Giving every song the extra time to breathe really gives them all much more life. I might even buy the vinyl!
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  3. Like if they don’t tour this album then just give us another live stream show this time even more fleshed out akin to what she was planning on doing for the full scale tour.
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  4. Yeah the below quote makes me think there’s no immediate plans to tour the album. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her drop another album/more music and just tour it all together.
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  5. If she tours two new albums we might finally get a new songs heavy setlist.
  6. We got 8 new songs on the Golden tour and there was a noticeable lull in audience interest during Shelby 68 and Radio On - I mean was anybody really disappointed not to get Low Blow or Love?
  7. I was so shocked! I've seen so many people saying it's the best of the 3 new tracks
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  8. I completely agree with it being at the bottom of the ranking. It's the most forgettable song on the album and arguably of her whole discography. Miss a Thing was number 1 for so long and it was only the last 10 set of votes that changed it
  9. The song is kind of…tanking on Spotify with less than 40k streams a week at the moment and just over 500k total streams. Even I Love It (the instant grat track from Disco) got that total in a few days.
  10. To be fair, I Love It was one of the first tracks to ever be released (like 3rd I believe) so obviously it would get a lot more attention.
  11. Kylie and Olly are just so good together.
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  12. W2K


    Thank god for the last 10 sets of votes then, because Say Something is one of the best songs of her career.
  13. An absolute Kylie classic and truly timeless.
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  14. HMD


    And so is Miss A Thing…
    This era’s lost gem!
  15. "I Love It" was already a personal favorite of mine, but that extended mix really takes it to another level.
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  16. Miss A Thing is good, but can't deny I don't quite see the appeal of it as much as many do on here.
  17. Yeah I Love It has grown on me a lot over the past year, I feel like it’s the most old school disco out of the songs as well.
  18. Interesting results! Surprised but thrilled to see Miss a Thing at #2.

    I think Magic and particularly I Love It were too low though. The latter especially is so underrated, it kinds of hurts me that it's not more loved dd. It's a killer Kylie song. That chorus!
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  19. I hope we do get the vinyl release of Infinite Disco, take my money Minogue...but meantime I do hope we get some remixes for A Second to Midnight and Kiss of Life.
  20. Well Kiss of Life is B list on Radio 2 and also record of the week! Surprised it’s got this delayed push but also yay!
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