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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I got my book version today. Can her label stop using that cheap-ass paper she prints on since Golden? It's not giving what it needs to be given.
  2. I need a collaboration.

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  3. Monday Blues so low? I Love It not top 5? Someone giving 1/10 for Say Something?

  4. 1/10 for Say Something? Really? Worms.
  5. Thanks for running this! Super fun to see where this led to and your videos look great.

    I think we all knew Say Something would win though, right? It probably deserves it even though it didn't get my 11 (for that very reason really).

    My least favourite songs on the album are Hey Lonely and Celebrate You. I don't understand what everybody hears in Dance Floor Darling, except the end bit, which is great. Really happy to see Kiss of Life in the top 5.
  6. Some of these extended mixes are just... a really shit CTRL+C CTRL+V effort. Say Something comes to mind: it loses all sense of tension and build-up in the original, trying to make up for it with... post-chorus silence and the nonsensical emergence of a choir 5 minutes before the climax? Turning your best song in years into an absolute chore, to justify the running time? Kylie sis. She needed to seek out the 12" Open Your Heart mix and take several notes.

    To be fair, some elements of the original versions are enhanced here, like on Monday Blues and Supernova, where Kylie's vox now sound decent instead of flat out brittle. The new I Love It also sounds like a blast, though they didn't even bother removing the original fade out dd. Let's not talk about the numerous ways in which they ruined my girl Dance Floor Darling either.

    Disco was a solid pop songbook with rushed production... and it remains just that. Repackaged for gay coin.
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  7. The extended mix of Say Something is far from an absolute chore.
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  8. Top 5 from Disco for sure for me. It's such a feel good song.
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  9. It was my 11, it’s slowly grown to be my favourite Disco song over the past year, eventually surpassing Real Groove. The radio edit really solidified it for me. Over a year Later I’d say my top 5 Disco songs are:

    Dance Floor Darling
    Real Groove (Initial Talk remix)
    A Second To Midnight
    Say Something
  10. The sheer taste of this top 5-fully approve!
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  11. The extended version takes Say Something to a totally different level, and makes it into the song it should have been in the first place.
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  13. I was expecting Say Something to win, but I feel like it's only because it's the lead single. In my opinion it's a mid song, there's a fair few I prefer to it and a lot I like considerably less. My least favourites are Celebrate You, Spotlight, Unstoppable and Fine Wine, the rest I can deal with - I also think Last Chance is such filler! Not sure I see the hype with it.
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  14. My 11 was Miss a Thing, there's just something about that song that just gets me. I think my top 5 on DISCO are:

    Miss a Thing
    Real Groove
    Kiss of Life
    Supernova (this usually changes depending on the day)

    I've also realised how much I enjoy Till You Love Somebody
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  15. I'm so glad Miss a Thing got top 3! Magic was floating around the top 4 for a while, so I'm equally surprised it placed where it did. I agree about I Love It! It is a GEM, and far far far better than Last Chance in my opinion
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  16. Still think Hey Lonely, is by far the best of the 4 deluxe songs from the original Disco.
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  17. Without a doubt. It gives me 2000-2002 era B-side in the best way.
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  18. Which is certainly never a bad thing.
  19. The extended mixes are so good I can't call them a cash grab. They are necessary.
  20. UK
    64 (66) 15 Disco

    NE: 1-5-10-7-19-19-23-33-43-60-65-119-135
    RE: 10-71-118-66-64
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