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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. "Hey Lonely" always struck me as more PWL than early Parlophone.
  2. Hasn't done too badly at all for a re issue I think.
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  3. With another boost to come in January when the orders with the Box set thing finally ships.

    I suspect we'll get the Gloria video after Christmas now, with Kiss of Life being playlisted on Radio 2 and the undoubtable appearance of A Second to Midnight on New Year playlists.

    I bet Team Kylie are thrilled with how it's all going, they'll be chomping at the bit to get a tour started, I hope it happens and Omicron doesn't spoil everything in 2022 (which is looking increasingly likely, at least for those wanting to get in/out of NZ anyway).
  4. Isn’t it weird how different peoples tastes can be? I’d say it’s my least fave of the 4 deluxe tracks, Spotlight being my favourite
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  5. Indeed, total opposite in this case for me, Spotlight is my least favourite.
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  6. Unpopular opinion but extended Unstoppable might be the most successful extended mix (and my favorite after Say Something).

    I enjoy every track from the extended album (though Miss A Thing is indeed wasted potential) but the appeal for most of them is that they bring different elements to life and play around with each song’s melodies. Unstoppable is the only track that could’ve just been a 5 minute album track and not just a fun revisit.
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  7. Hoping we are getting A Second to Midnight remixes Fri 31st. Would make sense.
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  8. The extended mixes are just so, so good. I never want this era to end. Re-release the album forever! Extended mixes of the bonus & guest list tracks next? Continuous club mix with new curated remixes for each track?
  9. The Unstoppable Extended Mix went off in my spin class today, it’s true.
  10. Absoutely, just perfect timing. A New Years anthem I think.
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  11. It’s difficult to do a top 5 but this album has grown on me massively since it came out. I think mine would be

    I Love It
    Dance floor Darling
    Miss A Thing

    I’m someone who has never loved Say Something, but I must admit I’m enjoying the extended mix of it. It finally gets a chance to breathe.
  12. My top 5 would be this
    Celebrate You
    I Love It
    Hey Lonely
    Real Groove

    SO hard though to chose!!!
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  13. My Top 5:

    1. Miss A Thing
    2. Say Something (Extended Mix)
    3. Real Groove (Initial Talk Mix)
    4. Supernova
    5. Dancefloor Darling.

    (666. Unstoppable).
  14. Spotlight, is way down the bottom of my list still.
  15. In terms of the best Disco tracks

    1. Real Groove (Initial Talk Remix)
    2. Say Something (Extended Mix)
    3. Kiss of Life
    4. I Love It (Extended Mix)
    5. Fine Wine
  16. There's not a single memorable thing about Spotlight ddd. 'Til You Love Somebody (gorgeous!) is truly the only keeper from the bonuses.

    Disco era top 5:

    (1. Say Something Infinite Disco)
    01. Say Something (og + HGC)
    02. Magic / I Love It
    03. Miss a Thing
    04. Celebrate You
    05. 'Til You Love Somebody
  17. 1. Miss A Thing
    2. Kiss Of Life
    3. Real Groove (original or Initial Talk)
    4. Say Something (extended)
    And I think… 5. Last Chance (extended) that La La intro is it for me

    my Tears On My Pillow Stan status Remains unbothered with that last pick
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  18. Here's my Top 5:

    1. "Real Groove,"
    2. "Miss A Thing,"
    3. "Kiss Of Life,"
    4. "I Love It,"
    5. "A Second To Midnight."

    And none for Sky Adams.
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  19. My top 5:

    Supernova (extended version)
    Last Chance (extended version)
    Real Groove
    Miss A Thing
    Kiss Of Life
  20. It changes daily but right now my top 5 would be
    05 - Magic
    04 - I Love It
    03 - A Second After Midnight
    02 - Where Does The DJ Go
    01 - Say Something Extended Mix
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