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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Seems very sensible, thank you!
  2. Do we have any update with the Gloria video?
  3. Was there any confirmation that it existed beyond something that an "insider" said?
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  4. She said that Gloria had filmed her part on Jools Holland.
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  5. Oh, I stand corrected. I wonder what the hold up is then.
  6. Yeah she said it on radio 2 too
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  7. I guess the hold up is Kiss Of Life only belatedly picking up radio play since A Second To Midnight was also a slow burn. Would make sense to drop the video and/or remixes in February I’d say…. And then move on/kick off K35 celebrations come the summer around the original Oz release of Locomotion. (An anti tour maybe, a new album?….). I’ve given up hope for a DISCO tour at this stage.
  8. I think she should move on from Disco now, it’s been a year and a half since Say Something was released, and with no tour in the foreseeable future I think she should concentrate on new music and come back with something fresh towards the end of the year.
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  9. Although Disco is no longer in the ARIA Albums Charts, it's No. 1 on the AIR Independent Label Albums Chart and "A Second To Midnight" is No. 4 on the AIR Independent Label Singles Chart and No. 3 on the AIR 100% Independent Singles Chart.
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  10. I think so too. Great album, great era and performed very well underneath the circumstances. But, onward and upwards to K16 since. And that doesn't mean that Disco couldn't nor shouldn't, be celebrated on the next longed for tour too.
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  11. Is K35 going to be an actual thing? Unless Kylie’s going to release the Decon unreleased materials or IP on vinyl I really don’t think we need more retropsectives.
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  12. I don't think it'll be a 'thing' like K25 but it's a phenomenal achievement for an artist who theoretically should have been a 1/2 hit wonder, so it'll be recognised in some shape or form.

    Plus if there is new music 'The Princess of pop, now in her 35th year of stardom...' will be the tag line.
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  13. Ideally, I would like for K35 to involve uploading all of the Deconstruction and Parlophone remixes to streaming sites, alongside reissues of the albums and the Anti Tour recordings. But that will probably never happen.
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  14. It’s a great achievement. A tweet would be enough because she should be focused on doing new material and tour.
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  15. I don't mind K35 consisting of just fixing some audios on streaming and tidying up missing bsides and remixes. It's time they got round to that.
  16. Not to mention sorting out some of the artworks.
  17. A modern take on "The Locomotion" could be a cute way to celebrate K35. However, I agree with @letuinmybackdoor that it probably won't be like a proper thing because thirty-five isn't a traditional landmark year.
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  18. As we've had multiple new versions of it, perhaps a retro-tastic performance of the original Aus single version?
  19. An official release of the Golden Tour/2019 Summer tour studio version would be amazing!
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  20. My dream K35 campaign - 4 drops, one each quarter, of 4 vinyl.
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