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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. This needs to happen, and the fact it probably won't, is just all kinds of wrong.
  2. Is anybody else's Guest List vinyl playing a little fast? I had to turn the pitch control down 2% to make mine sound normal.
  3. A reissue campaign will happen eventually - getting Kylie re-established and her Greatest Hits revamped was the priority. We would probably already would have some in our hands if COVID and Disco hadn't happened.
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I only need to add Impossible Princess and X to what I currently have, teebs.
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  5. I feel like the success of the Fever VINYL reissue means we will be getting them on separate they chart like Fever did.
  6. I think Impossible Princess, will look like a real work of art on vinyl. Both covers.
  7. I dream of the lenticular cover on vinyl. I'm aware they're expensive to produce in bigger sizes but take my money already, I'll pay what you ask!
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  8. Regardless if we have a specific DISCO tour or not, we all know it's going to be a huge party when she's back on stage. I can't imagine her not even remotely reference that album.
  9. Seeing as New York City was the bridge to DISCO, I wonder if she'll bring it back at some point? I was underwhelmed by the version on Step Back In Time, but performed live it popped off.
  10. "New York City" is my least favorite Kylie release in years, so I'm hoping that she pays it dust in all future live settings. I'm still salty that "New York City" was the sole new track on Step Back In Time.
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  11. Let’s have future live settings first and she can sing Glad To Be Alive x 12.
  12. The DISCO vinyl boxset goes so well with the Kiss Me Once boxset.

    To give me a complete set I'd need Impossible Princess, Body Language, X and Aphrodite.

    I guess technically, I'd also perhaps need Ultimate Kylie and Abbey Road.

    I do gave a Kylie Christmas album on vinyl but I can't remember which one because it's gift wrapped! HA!

    Was Body Language ever on vinyl? I have all the singles on vinyl. Same with X and Aphrodite. It would be strange to be if they weren't on vinyl, but then, if they were I'm sure I would have bought them seeing as I have the singles. Too long ago, I can't remember that far back!
  13. When she finally gets out on the road again it’s going to be a moment.
  14. I blame the people who go online raving about an unreleased song as a lost gem. It’s a really bad song. And it’s even more inferior when put on a greatest hits compilation that is full of bangers.
  15. I love how someone has already worked out the price points for these fantasy vinyls.
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  16. They were fantasy price points too rather than realistic!
  17. I relistened to New York City the other day and I was repulsed by the bad mixing. The vocals pop in an out like the track wasn't mixed nor mastered properly.
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  18. Yeah the problem with New York City isn't the song, it's the dreadful 'recorded and mixed in two hours this will do' production. If it had a proper disco production more like the live version it would have been a nice dress rehearsal for Disco.
  19. I don't mind New York City at all, but shame that was the only "new" song we ended up getting for Step Back In Time.
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  20. I hope DISCO isn't completely forgotten by then. Some of the songs deserve full performances.
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