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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Have every faith in her that it won't be. Say Something already needs to be the encore.
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  2. New York City is fine but badly produced. So in that sense it is the perfect introduction to the original Disco album.
  3. I think by the time she tours she could call it the Disco Revival Tour. However long it takes, I don't doubt we will get the Disco Live experience.
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  4. I wouldn’t mind betting we get a ‘Disco: One Night Only’ show and then she moves on to the next project
  5. Most of her shows are disco-infused anyway, so we won't know any different. Disco will forever live on in one form or another.
  6. New York City is an abomination. Hopefully never performed again!
  7. Disco's chart run in the UK:

    (1st Entry: 13/11/20) 01-05-10-07-19-19-23-33-43-60-65-119-135-out [13w]
    (2nd Entry: 19/11/21) 10-71-118-66-64-124-51-28-137... [9w]

    I'm assuming Disco has sold around 157,000. We haven't had an official update on Golden's sales since November 2020 when it was on 158,000; by that stage it was averaging about 100 sales a week - if that continued then it might have reached 164,000 by now? Kylie Christmas had sold 153,000 as of the end of December 2020... not sure how many more sales it could have achieved in 2021, but I'm assuming there won't be much between Kylie Christmas and Disco.

    Number of weeks that Kylie's albums have spent in the UK Top 200 chart:

    #04, 136w - Ultimate Kylie
    #01, 108w - Fever
    #02, 82w - Light Years
    #01, 68w - Kylie (Top 100)
    #01, 47w - Aphrodite
    #06, 45w - Body Language
    #04, 40w - X
    #01, 39w - Golden
    #01, 34w - Enjoy Yourself (Top 100)
    #01, 28w - Step Back in Time: The Definitive Collection
    #01, 25w - Greatest Hits (18 weeks in 1992 was Top 100 only, then it re-entered in 2002 for 7 more weeks in the Top 200)
    #09, 23w - Rhythm of Love (Top 100)
    #01, 22w - Disco
    #02, 22w - Kiss Me Once
    #04, 22w - Kylie Minogue
    #12, 18w - Kylie Christmas
    #20, 18w - Greatest Hits 87-92
    #02, 16w - The Abbey Road Sessions
    #11, 13w - The Best of Kylie Minogue
    #15, 13w - Let's Get to It (12 weeks in 1991/1992 was Top 100 only; it re-entered at #106 in 2015, making it its only week in the 101-200 section of the chart)
    #10, 08w - Impossible Princess
    #07, 06w - Showgirl: Homecoming Live
    #41, 06w - Hits +
    #28, 03w - Boombox: The Remix Album (2000-2008)
    #37, 03w - Kylie: The Albums 2000-2010
    #23, 02w - Golden: Live in Concert
    #26, 02w - Kiss Me Once: Live at the SSE Hydro
    #72, 02w - Aphrodite Les Folies: Live in London
    #63, 01w - Mixes
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  8. Enjoy Yourself only 34 weeks!
  9. I’m more surprised at Body Language managing 45 weeks, considering it dropped like a stone after release.
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  10. HMD


    It’s funny seeing how DISCO and Golden have sold more or less the same... but the former’s chart run is about a half.
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  11. HMD


    I assume it lingered in the lower end of the top 200 for a while.
    In retrospect it’s shocking it only managed to get to #6.
    It was the follow-up to Fever led by a #1 single.
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  12. They both spent the same amount of time in the top 40, Golden just spent a lot longer in the lower end of the charts.
  13. Also, I think Disco had far more formats released.
  14. so far...
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  16. I just picked up the slipcase edition that I was pissed to miss when it was originally on sale.

    I wonder if this restock is still within the original ‘limited edition’ numbers, and how many units this edition comprises?
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  17. Not bad prices for much of that too be honest.
  18. It was sold out at 3pm today, Real Groove was the only vinyl I couldn’t get. Every time I read it’s back as soon as I go to the store it’s sold out. So annoying.
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  19. But then Golden had a tour?
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