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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Like others have mentioned bundles and the exposure definitely helps. Plus the ads etc it all adds up.
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  2. Especially crucial for artists who only get limited exposure on the radio, and sporadic support from streaming giants ( i.e., minimal playlist adds, low positions on key playlists).
  3. Albums would get bumps from tours in the past because if you wanted those songs you heard and liked you went out and bought the CD, now people will mostly just stream that song/s or open YouTube and that’s it. Still it’s better than nothing and of course when it’s bundled with tour tickets it always helps as seen with a lot of vintage acts the past few years.
  4. Third time Drag Race does a Kylie song and it's one of the most unmemorable lipsyncs ever... Why oh why?
  5. Which song?
  6. W2K


    I Love It
  7. I'm still gagged that there was an I Was Gonna Cancel lip-sync. I waited seven seasons only to get one of my least favourite singles. And then the Devil lip sync in Down Under (ugh) saw a literal racist saved from elimination. Kylie and Drag Race is apparently cursed.
  8. Well I thought it was better than the I Was Gonna Cancel one but that's not really saying much.

    To be honest, I think Ru did a better job lip syncing to it then the other two performing. She should've really sent them both home for their piss poor performances but I guess that's another story.
  9. Does the Disco Guest List Slipcase Edition have pink lettering on the outside, or are they all foiled and just rendered incorrectly in the store? Does anyone have pink lettering?
  10. Anyone else gotten so used to the extended versions (the ones that work anyway) that the original albums versions just feel...weird now?
    I can't listen to Say Something without crying out for the choir, I Love It and it's added boppiness or Last Chance without the need for the lalalala bit.
    I decided to form my own ideal Disco and it looks like this, I don't listen in this order, I always set it on shuffle:

    Say Something (Extended)
    I Love It (Extended)
    Magic (Extended)
    Last Chance (Extended)
    Supernova (Extended)
    Real Groove (Studio 54 Initial Talk Mix)
    A Second To Midnight (Jodie Harsh Extended)
    Kiss Of Life
    Miss A Thing
    Hey Lonely
    Celebrate You
    Can't Stop Writing Songs About You
    Till You Love Somebody
    Fine Wine
    Dance Floor Darling (Linslee's Electric Slice Mix)

    Suddenly, despite all the shit I gave it, Disco is top tier Kylie.

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  11. The original incarnation of I Love It is okay, but the carnival extended mix is absolutely phenomenal.
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  12. I Love It all round, has always been one of my favourite Kylie Disco favourites. I just find it a joy from start to finish, and the extended mix is an added bonus.
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  13. Never seen that photo before I think, she looks stunning as always. As for Disco, forever one of my top tier Kylie albums.
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  14. No matter what people might think of the music, I think BMG has done absolute wonders for Kylie. They really understood her position as a pop star and managed to balance the fine line between her legacy and future as an artist. I think they're probably the best label she's ever signed to. The only misstep, in my eyes, was not pushing the Gente de Zona remix of Stop Me From Falling properly. Now, if they could just get all of her singles and remixes uploaded onto streaming sites...
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  15. A waste of an absolute banger.
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  16. I agree, they have been a perfect fit. The past few years since 2018, has felt like an new Goldenage for Kylie.
  17. That GIF!
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  18. They really pushed it on the radio here in Latin America. It didn’t do anything. If the Gente de Zona remix doesn’t do anything in Latin America I can’t imagine BMG being confident it would do anything anywhere else.

    I do think the Disco singles campaign has been great though. We’ve been so spoiled with visuals.
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  19. Is the Gloria video ever going to happen or come I do wonder??
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