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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Yes, slightly sped up, edited and ad libs at the end.
  2. Am I misremembering? I thought there was another (very short lived) radio edit that had some new production flourishes? Perhaps some additional drum fills?
  3. I'm clearly remembering this too. Is this some kind of mandela effect?
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  4. Yeah there definitely was a slightly different edit but I could not distinguish the difference really
  5. On my first run of the Infinite Disco audio (haven't caught the stream yet) and didn't really rate any of the new arrangements – I found them unfortunately flat and redundant, aside from Slow and the choirs. But all that laughter and noise during the Magic outro... why am I a teeny bit emotional?
  6. That new mix of In Your Eyes is definitely not "flat and redundant". I've had it on repeat since it came on streaming. And the "please fasten your seat belts" of Light Years before the chaotic intro of Supernova blasts is inspired.
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  7. Flat and redundant???
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  8. Everyone wants their 'soundbite' moment.
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  9. I'm not even an In Your Eyes stan but that arrangement is kinda godly. She's also really on it vocally. Great control. Light Years is also a total pleasure as always. It's weird hearing a Kylie album without her dorky/adorable audience interactions though.

    First time hearing Infinite Disco since the initial stream so this is a really fun pleasure for a Friday night after a long week. Kylie Ann always comes through.
  10. I've listened to the Infinite Disco stream far more than I thought I would and I really think it's because it's full of little flourishes and just stunning vocals. It has the live feel without having the awful crowd noise which sometimes ruins these things. Light Years/Supernova is just such a moment. When Kylie says 'no regrets' in Dancefloor Darling as well she really means it. I love it so much.
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  11. The condescension! I‘m honestly obliged to stan the way any Kylie criticism is taken wholesale as personal attack to the fans.
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  12. Slow is…. fine in its original incarnation (I’ve never really understood the hype) but the Infinite Disco version is literally the sound of God. Absolutely flawless.
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  13. This is so heinous, I feel attacked.
  14. DISCO had some great pop moments, but I am well & truly ready for her 2023 album.
  15. I'm not sure what sound/vibe I'd want from a new Kylie album. I certainly feel ready to move on from Disco but I think, creatively, she'd be smart to build upon what has been established this era rather than do something entirely different. Perhaps she could come full-circle and do something very 80's inspired but with a modern spin.
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  16. She should do a Shania "Up" and have 2 versions.
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  17. Hasn't she already said that she's moving in an electro-pop direction? That gives me hope for something like a more cohesive X.
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  18. I'd love something more minimalistic in the vein of Slow and Miss A Thing.
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  19. I’m hoping for something more contemporary and “cool” - the last two albums have had great selling point gimmicks, but I’m hoping for a shift.

    The Graham Norton performance of Slow is a good starting point visually, and something more along the lines of where the second Garibay EP was going, would be interesting. I’ll repeat my list of the House Gospel Choir, James Ford, and SG Lewis as collaborators.
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