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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Yes to all three posts on this page! Sleek, icy, no gimmick/costume, just effortless electronic treats please.
  2. Electro-Pop Kylie will be most welcome.
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  3. Over the last year's pop culture, I think 90's nostalgia is starting to come on-trend, so perhaps it's time to dig out a red hairpiece and drop some Sednaoui visuals. I mean, the 80's revival has been going on for a decade longer than the 80's lasted at this point.
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  4. Electropop Kylie pleaseeee comeback
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  5. Kylie's red hair in 1995 gave me life!
  6. We've seen how far a Kylie album can move away sonically from its initial sessions, so it'll be interesting to see if the album that KM16 actually ends up as an electro-pop album.
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  7. Kylie has done electro-pop before so I'm not particularly excited by the concept. However, she's often done those types of albums with other people submitting songs and multiple producers, so if it was her steering the ship (rather than the label) in terms of songwriting and just a few producers it could be something great.
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  8. I don't really care which direction she goes in, we all know she can sprinkle her Kylie magic on anything.

    Just please, do something with a bit more meat musically. I think Golden and Disco were both fine, but lacking ambition. She can still have 3-minute-basic-boppery singles, but there's more than enough space on an album for something a bit more adventurous.
    Just imagine her doing a 6-minute electronic stomper that takes some time to twist and evolve.
  9. I'm just super excited for K16, Golden and Disco were just super strong. Have every faith in her once again.
  10. Golden - Disco is the greatest 1,2 punch of albums since Rhythm Of Love - Let’s Get To It. I have faith she will deliver with KM16.
  11. I just want an album without any crunchy production. Two albums in a row with some dodgy choices is not what I expect from Kylie.
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  12. I thought that honor would easily go to Light Years - Fever, no?
  13. Very much here for an early 90's house inspired sound. I'd be fine with electropop as long as it's a cohesive album/theme which her current label seems to be very good at producing.
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  14. Am I alone in wanting Kylie to accept submissions again? I love that Kylie is confident in her songwriting again, but I wouldn't be against her buying some bops from outside production teams.
  15. Maybe. Fever isn’t really an album I return to a great deal. I think I overplayed it and so it’s lost it’s appeal for me somewhat.
  16. I see no lies with this statement.
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  17. For me, the best double punch is KM94 and Impossible Princess!
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  18. Not me working on my dissertation while slow dancing on my sofa to Slow / Love To Love You Baby. Kylie really said GAY RIGHTS with this version. It’s ridiculously sexy!
  19. The infinite disco vinyl does fit perfectly in the blue Disco box set in place of the slipmat, feels like a complete collection now!
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