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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Ooh great. I’ll use my slip mat properly all the time now then.
  2. Looking back, this is probably the strongest album campaign since Fever. And all done in a pandemic. Bravo.

    Also, Kylie's nearing 1 million Youtube subscribers. Before Disco it was about half that.
  3. I have to wait until Tuesday, apparently, for the vinyl to arrive. Count The Days... 1-2-3
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  4. Disco, has certainly been an fantastic modern day success for Kylie. Much deserved.
  5. The DISCO (Extended) album has become the default version of this album that I listen to. Making songs longer during the streaming era? Only Kylie could.
  6. DISCO Extended, was a major highlight of the era for sure. Very glad we got that.
  7. I’m guessing someone from Team Kylie reads this forum. An extended edition, Infinite Disco release and even a Jessie Ware collaboration were hot topics and we got them all.
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  8. DISCO Extended benefits so tremendously not just from the added length, but from the enhanced production as well. Kylie laid a great foundation on the original album, but some of the production choices *cough Sky Adams* really let her down. The majority of these issues - namely that tinny, slightly anemic quality - were miraculously corrected. Extended sounds much more expensive. I’m so, so grateful Kylie’s team listen to the fans and go above and beyond to deliver, again and again. It’s surprisingly rare.
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  9. Don’t forget that Kylie herself is a member! @WhereDoesTheDJGo
  10. WHAT?!
  11. This is true Cosmic (from album X) ordering.
  12. Were you not here during the Disco promo? Kylie herself posted on the thread:
    This was before we knew this song title, and when registration for the forums were closed, so it was 100% Kylie who posted.
  13. @WhereDoesTheDJGo, still perhaps the most iconic member here of all time for just that 1 and only post.
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  14. This. Kylie and her team have played an absolute blinder with this campaign, I cant wait for her to start promoting her next album when things should be a bit more "normal" and people can get out and about and promote wherever.

    I love the fact we hardly know anything about her next album and yet we are probably not too far away from an album release even though it might be spring next year, she must have a lot of songs they have chosen for the album if they have already decided when its going to release.
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  15. I think and hope we will get at least an single this year. But either way, when the time comes, I am more time ready.
  16. The Mirwais album with Kylie on it comes out autumn this year. So that’s at least one song expected.
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  17. Forgot about that must admit-good to know.
  18. I’ve read people mentioning this over the last few years and I genuinely have no idea what you’re talking about, both albums sound fine to me.
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  19. The only production issue I’ve noticed on the last two records is that random “digital fart” sound in Raining Glitter.
  20. Yes, production seems fine to me also.
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