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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. If this is not a reference to something I'm missing I bet "that's how I feel" is from a new song she wrote/recorded.
  2. Yes very likely. And a great lyric for a Kylie song
  3. Oh Kylie, such a tease!
  4. Or she's just drunk in Vegas with Leanne!
  5. A lot of the production is on the higher end, Kylie's vocals especially at times sound like the treble got turned up to full. I love the albums but the mastering was one of my main irks.

    It's funny actually as Madonna has suffered similar issues on a couple of albums too. It's like certain producers don't know how to work with a more mature female vocal?
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  6. I find the vocal production on Aphrodite much worse than anything on the last 2 albums. Too Much and Cupid Boy being the worst offenders.
  7. The last two albums were produced with a potato.
  8. Apart from me finding Sky Adams work basic and uninspired most of the time, the production on the last two albums was... just not good. Next to no depth, everything is just loud and the vocal production borders on screechy.
    If you don't hear it, just compare the album versions with the Infinite Disco versions. The mix on the latter is just so much more pleasing to the ears.
  9. The volume on her vocals in Infinite Disco is a little loud though.
  10. Yeah the mixing and mastering does leave something to be desired over a handful of tracks. It’s not as noticeable to me on Disco as it was on Golden, but everything sounds much smoother on certain tracks, such as Real Groove.

    In general, though, I think Sky Adams considerably upped his game with Disco - Dance Floor Darling alone is one of my favourite tracks she’s done in the past ten years.
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  11. No more Sky even though his work on Disco was much better production wise. He did give me Supernova and Dance Floor Darling after all!
  12. XXX


    Can someone point me to the X tracklist discussion. I've heard a lot of fuss about it and I want to know what y'all thought should've been cut/added.
  13. Please don't open that can of worms!
  14. Infinite Disco is no 12 in the first set of midweeks.
  15. Not bad result, wonder if can stay top 40 at least.
  16. Top 40 will be an easy win at this point I imagine. I mean the Kylie fanbase is so strong (and low sales) to get that to 12 in the initial mids.
  17. A perfect way to round of the era!
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  18. I want a cd release of the extended mixes !!!
  19. That would of course also be most welcome too!
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