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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Does anyone else find the Infinite Disco vinyl unbearably fast? It may be my turntable but it was grating yesterday and I couldn’t wait for it to finish - and I love this album!
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  3. Yay, it made it!!
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  4. HMD


    Looking at the Spotify figures, Miss A Thing stands out above other album tracks.
    I hope it gets performed live eventually.
  5. This is probably helped by it's placement on the album too.
  6. I suspect it's quite a hard song to sing live as the chorus has quite a high whispery tone, but I also hope 'Miss A Thing' appears whenever she tours again.
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  7. I would have though Magic was more difficult and she managed that perfectly.
  8. I still never quite get the love for Miss A Thing. Solid album track though of course, and great many people love it, but still never one of my highlights either.
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  9. It's the most glittery disco song on the album and it's catchy as hell. Solid pop song with hook after hook. The vocal melody is sublime throughout.
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  10. +1
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  12. Miss a Thing is okay but it suffers from being next to Real Groove which does everything the former tried to but better.
    The extended version is a major miss too. Squandered potential.
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  13. The way the instrumental kicks in and kills the momentum for the chorus.
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  14. It’s Kylie’s rollerdisco moment for me for sure! I love it so much!
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  15. So, do we really think tour plans are on hold now until the next album? The Peggy Gou/Magnum promo while financially lucrative must also be somewhat to do with keeping her in the public eye? Surely there’s plans in the offing. It feels like she been away so long from the live stage surely a live tour would smash it right now? I guess it’s the global Covid situation…
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  16. I think she is working on the new album now so wouldn't make sense to tour until that is released in my opinion.
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  17. Seems like it’s worked. I’ve seen her all over the news.
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  18. I'm almost certain that we'll get a DISCO / K16 joint tour.
  19. Magic sounds more rollerdisco for me.

    I have to admit that Magic is not my favourite song off the album but it’s a great single. It came on at a dinner party I was at and people were familiar with it and really like it.
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  20. HMD


    Yeah. It’s still being played quite regularly on one of the main music radio stations in Catalonia. Love to see it.
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